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Dwyane Wade: A Vocal Awareness Testimonial

Dwyane Wade Testimonial: Vocal Awareness

Dwyane Wade shares the impact of the Vocal Awareness Method in his life.

This Work will change YOUR life as well.


See Dwyane Wade give his  Retirement Speech in full Visceral Language- a Vocal Awareness technique.

“It has made a really big impact on me, has really challenged me in more ways than I’ve been challenged in the game of basketball in a long time.” – Dwyane Wade on Vocal Awareness

Learn about Vocal Awareness

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Visual Voice Pro

Arthur Samuel Joseph will introduce you to the concept of visceral language and how to make your voice more visual when you speak. You will learn how to improve your preparation and practice time by annotating your scripts and text. This will enable you to deliver your presentations and talks with greater Vocal Awareness and impact.

The ART of Deeper Listening

In this exclusive training you will learn master communication techniques with the top Voice Coach and Communication Strategist for Hollywood legends and fortune 500 CEOs. This exclusive Executive Speaking workshop will be a pragmatic, interactive, comprehensive workshop taught by Arthur Samuel Joseph, that will help you integrate communication skills in your business and life.

The Leadership Academy

This is a groundbreaking program in Communication. This course is the culmination of over 50 years of dedicated teaching and research. My lifelong vision has been to help all those I work with achieve their own enlightenment and attain their own empowerment. I have designed this course to help you do just that.