About Arthur


Founder and Creator of the Vocal Awareness Institute, Inc. 

Humble Beginnings…

Arthur’s life was fraught with uncertainty and emotional pain. From his humble beginnings, treated as an outcast, abandoned by his father, and living only with his working mother, who for a significant portion of his early childhood and adult life was seriously ill. Arthur always refers to her as his ‘hero’. Arthur’s life lessons were formed by these experiences of abandonment. As an insecure, confused and lonely 15-year-old, Arthur began studying voice as an extension of his musical education, which began at the age of 4 when his mother signed him up for accordion lessons. His voice teacher helped him unlock his Voice – his life calling, seeing both his potential and unique gift. Arthur discovered that he heard vocal sound differently than other people. He didn’t just hear the pitch, tone, or melody of the voice he actually heard and felt the emotion within the Voice. Arthur calls it “Perfect Pitch.” When he hears a Voice, he hears who a person is at the core of their being.

Developing His Gift…

As he developed an understanding of this gift, he continued to study the inherent connection between sound and vocal expression and devoted himself to the study of vocal technique. Through his relentless commitment Arthur began to claim his own power, his own Self-esteem, and actualized his life mission: to Change the World Through Voice and help others claim their own Vocal Power and through Voice, embody who they are in everything they do.

Empowerment Through Voice

Arthur’s education- a combined major of music, philosophy and psychology has served as the foundation for his now 50 plus years of teaching and coaching. With the creation of the Vocal Awareness® proprietary teaching method, Arthur has worked with thousands of actors, singers, politicians, broadcasters, business leaders, multi-national corporations, and countless others who have all recognized the significance of Empowerment Through Voice.