• Voice impacts every moment of our waking life.
  • The Vocal Awareness Method helps us to recognize and embody the character and integrity of our authentic Voice.
  • Perception is reality. Choose how you want to be known



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Arthur Samuel Joseph and Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking with Hiro Yamagata, one of the most famous contemporary artists of the 70’s and 80’s and the designer of the Olympic Poster “LA’s the Place”, at an event honoring the artist.

For over 5 decades Arthur Samuel Joseph has been widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost communication strategists and authorities on the human voice.

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TESTIMONIALS - More Than a Name - There is a Relationship

Pierce Brosnan

Arthur Samuel Joseph started as teacher of mine many years ago. Over these years, he has become a good friend whose teachings of Vocal Awareness have been a constant in my life.

PIERCE BROSNAN Actor, producer

Andrea Canning

I can't thank Arthur enough for all his magical wisdom. I truly believe his guidance and exercises helped me advance in my career much quicker. He truly made me a better broadcaster.

ANDREA CANNING Dateline NBC News Correspondent

Pat Riley

They always say that what comes out of your mouth is who you are. Well, Arthur is going to make it sound great and make it mean something.

PAT RILEY Miami Heat Team President

Lucie Arnaz

The good thing about knowing someone like Arthur and having Vocal Awareness is that what he teaches fits in every single part of what I do.

LUCIE ARNAZ Entertainer

Quincy Jones

If you are searching for the power within, through Vocal Awareness, you can find the sound of your soul.

QUINCY JONES Musician, Composer, Producer

Shira Lazar

I want to be the best person I can be, and practicing Vocal Awareness and being in touch with this side of who I am allows me to be that in a clearer way than I ever was before.

SHIRA LAZAR Host, Executive Producer, Youtube Star & Social Media Columnist

George Greenberg

Arthur is the master of "making one's Self present like a champion". It really is groundbreaking and I have never seen a technique quite like it.

GEORGE GREENBERG Executive Vice-President, Production Fox Sports

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arthur Samuel Joseph's Vocal Awareness techniques continue to help enhance my vocal stature. The orderly step-by-step exercises give me usable tools to repeatedly groom in voice, color, clarity, range and power.


Emmitt Smith

Vocal Awareness - it's a conscious spiritual connection between your Voice and your inner calling.

EMMITT SMITH Pro Football Hall of Fame

Franco Carlotto

Arthur was able to teach me the effect of my voice on my ability to communicate. For example, if you make a pause here, if you allow a breath there, if you speak a certain way, it all matters.

FRANCO CARLOTTO 6-time World Fitness Champion

Ken Rosenthal

I never knew that I needed to learn how to breathe - until I met Arthur Joseph! For a sportswriter making the transition to television, his instruction was invaluable.

KEN ROSENTHAL American sportswriter

Tony Robbins

I was able to learn an incredible amount about my voice and about how to have great impact with more pleasure and less pain.

TONY ROBBINS New York Times bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Within

Globally, for over 5 decades, Vocal Awareness has helped thousands of people, including Hollywood Actors, Professional Broadcasters, Hall Of Fame Athletes, Business Leaders and CEO’s achieve personal Empowerment.

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Arthur’s lifelong dedication to his mission, “To change the world through Voice” imbues his work with a vital sense of urgency as our relationships, our culture, our nation, and our global community become increasingly dependent upon communication technology and social media to do the work of communication. As Mr. Joseph states, “We are on the cusp of losing the art of public discourse.” He has become a lone voice in raising the alarm that we aren’t simply losing the ability to communicate, we are losing our innate ability to connect with each other on even the most basic levels—physically, psychologically, and spiritually.”

From Arthur Samuel Joseph:

“We all have to speak. The point of Vocal Awareness is to teach us how to do it to the best of our abilities on our terms. For decades my mission has been: To help all those I work with to achieve their own enlightenment and enjoy their own empowerment. Vocal Awareness is the method I have created to help each and everyone of us fulfill that possibility. Simply stated, the Vocal Awareness Method is the how of learning to access/integrate/implement what is referred to as the Deeper Self in Conscious Awareness—everywhere. I say to every organization I teach at, to every individual I teach—the Vocal Awareness mantra is: It is never simply what we say but how we say it that matters. It is no longer acceptable to merely convey the message but, equally importantly, to embody the messenger.”

Vocal Awareness is the true route to Communication Mastery.


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