What is Vocal Awareness?

Your Voice is Your Identity.

It reveals everything about who you are and how you show up in the world. Many people do not realize how much their Voice actually reveals about them in terms of their confidence and insecurities.

For most people speech is habit- But you CAN make a decision to develop your Voice- and Vocal Awareness is the way to do just that.

Vocal Awareness is a groundbreaking program in Communication. This course is the culmination of over 50 years of dedicated teaching and research. Mastery has never been taught in Communication. Traditionally one learns rules, skills and techniques that may be helpful in a presentational moment but do not lead to Communication Mastery, let alone personal mastery through Communication.

Vocal Awareness
is designed to help you engage and clearly align your imagination, vision, and story in service to your mind/body/spirit- skills that will support you, not simply in what you do, but in who you are.
 Walt Disney called it Imagineering. Vocal Awareness provides the structure to help you ‘engineer’ your success.

Enjoy the Journey!

Discover Vocal Awareness

The Method

Voice impacts every moment of our waking life. In Vocal Awareness, we learn how to recognize and develop the richness and integrity of our Voice – both inner (the Deeper Self) and outer (how you Communicate with others).

In Vocal Awareness there is no ‘off switch’. We communicate constantly, whether speaking face-to-face, virtually, or on the telephone—from a casual greeting to our most intimate relationships. Before Vocal Awareness there was no systematic method that taught us how to be ourselves everywhere at all times with no artificial presentational component.

The Vocal Awareness Method offers highly specific techniques in Vocal Presence, range, usage, depth, command, body language and expression.

The Foundation

Claim Your Authentic Voice.

Vocal Awareness is not just a collection of effective techniques to improve your speaking and vocal skills. By being in, and experiencing Vocal Awareness, you will claim your Authentic Voice and learn to:

-Advance your career.

-Improve your relationships.
-Communicate more effectively.
-Speak with confidence and live confidently.
-Fulfill your Life Mission.
-Become a leader or become an even better leader.
-Appreciate the sound of your own Voice.
-Enhance your singing, broadcasting, or other Vocal Art.
-Live in mind/body/spirit consciousness.
-Show up with determination, grit, and a commitment to excellence.
-Inspire—Offer others hope that they too can achieve their best.
-Discover the joy inherent in letting go of tension and fear.
-Embody your Authentic Self and Claim Your Greatness.