Walking Meditation in Vocal Awareness: A Student Perspective

The article below was written by a wonderful young woman named Janice, who lives in Singapore.  Janice is studying to be Certified in teaching Vocal Awareness.  As part of her commitment to the Work, she recently flew from Singapore to Hong Kong where I was teaching at Hong Kong University, for the American Asian Journalists Association, to study in person with me. 
During our time together, she shared that she was a practicing Buddhist, and that a walking meditation was part of her daily spiritual practice. She then allowed me to observe her in honoring and engaging in her meditative discipline.   She then wrote the letter below reflecting on her experience as she applied Vocal Awareness to her walking meditation. She also gave me permission to share her letter. 

Vocal Awareness teaches life mastery through Communication Mastery.   It enhances every aspect not only in what we do but in who we are.  Janice’s poignant and exquisite letter reflects what I am saying.  I am humbled to have the privilege to teach this work. I teach that when you give me your Voice, you give me who you are.  That relationship is sacrosanct.  Mastery in any form is only achieved when one integrates mind/body/spirit.  As I share in my teaching, integrity and integration have the same root source, they mean wholeness. This work helps us complete ourselves in both small and large ways. As all my students discover, Vocal Awareness and Communication Mastery apply everywhere.  

Walking Meditation in Vocal Awareness

I am a Buddhist and I practice meditation in sitting and walking forms. Meditation provides a refuge against the assault of daily stressors at work, at home and even within myself sometimes as I battle conflicting emotions and values.

As a student of Arthur’s, practicing the principles of Vocal Awareness (VA) is akin to seeking refuge in meditation. Similarities abound; from allowing a Conscious Loving Breath (CLB) to Take My Time to Be My Self. The 7-minute daily workout imbues me with a sense of self-acceptance, deep calm and centre-ness in my core, just like mediation does.

Yet, for all the empirical understanding of the commonalities I have gained of both disciplines, they had stayed discrete parts of my life.

Until I met Arthur in person in June 2019 in Hong Kong for 1-1 coaching at the N3Conference by Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). To digress, I must say Arthur is one of the most consistent persons I know. To borrow his axiom, he is “the same person (who) shows up everywhere”. Just like how he presents His Self on video, he embodied that same level of Conscious Awareness in the flesh – purposeful and immersive in the moment.

Knowing that spirituality forms part of My Self, he asked me to demonstrate walking meditation. Lacing my fingers together, I let my arms fall loosely in front of my legs. I lifted one heel off the ground, folding my knee, then feeling the balls of my feet sink into the floor, before placing my heel and the entire foot on the floor again.

As I resumed my starting position, Arthur requested that I stand in Stature, Thank Source and allow a CLB before I set foot again. Instantaneously – and even though I had not yet entered a meditative state – the air around me stilled and the room quieted. As I started walking this time, each step felt more deliberative than before. Each second extended into nanoseconds. Time and space integrated into infinity. The single pointedness of mind that I had become accustomed to during my normal walking practices was magnified in depth and consciousness.

At the end of the walk, I felt more grounded than I had ever before.

Back home, I have continued to integrate the VA principles into my meditation practices. The changes may be subtle, but the effects sublime. Most notably, instead of taking three deep breaths as I usually do, I now allow three CLBs. Also, as my back starts to hunch, as it is wont to do when I slip into a deep, quiet state, I consciously pull My Self back into Stature.

As another of Arthur’s axioms goes, Mastery is in the Subtlety.

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