I teach Empowerment Through Voice. I close all my seminars by writing the following acrostic on a whiteboard or flip chart. VOICE is:






In the most dramatic upheaval of our time, to achieve Empowerment Through Voice is more critically important than ever before.To do so requires our commitment to not simply do our best but be our best.The above acrostic on Voice teaches us that we have the opportunity to claim our Selves by claiming our Voice. The purpose of this week’s blog is to help us do just that. Simplistically—speech is habit. We just talk; we never think about it. Well now I want you to do just that—think about it. Think about your own Voice as a tool for healing—not just yourself, but others as well. To discover what is truly possible please do the following every day for one week.

Sit quietly for 3-5 minutes each morning before getting out of bed to tap into your Deeper Self.Sit in Stature or lie comfortably.

Begin by:  Thanking Source silently within your own Self. Feel touched by your connection.

Next, allow a Conscious Loving Breath—a very special breath I have been teaching for decades.This extraordinary breathing technique will immediately help you connect your Self with Source.This ‘simple’ technique helps us begin to recognize that a breath is not merely physical but also emotional. When doing so, you will feel more sovereign; less disconnected; less fragile; more grounded and frankly—safer—empowered.

Each breath is completely silent and takes 5-7 seconds:

Relax your body. Keep your eyes closed. Do not force your breath, rather allow it to slowly/gently come in. Lastly, with your lips gently together and your fingernail on the edge of your top lip to help you create a visual focal point in your mind’s eye, simply hum gently and again lovingly in a descending cascade of vocal energy. This is not done loudly or aggressively; rather in a consciously aware loving and expressive tone. 

Repeat this exercise five to seven times and each time do not let your Self rush or simply go through the motions.

I teach in my Work—Vocal Awareness, that ’The routine is never routine.’ In this ’simple’ warmup cycle, you create the ability to have a profound experience—the opportunity to tap into your mind/body/spirit connection and begin to discover what it is like to align your vocal/mental/spiritual energy and achieve victory over inconsistent conscious energy.