Individualized Coaching Packages

One on One and Small Group Packages available to supplement any workshop and/or be utilized independently.

Private session working on abdominal “support.”

Private session working on abdominal “support.”

Your Voice is your identity. It reveals everything about who you are and how you want to be known to the world. Yet for most of us, voice is habit and we do not realize we actually have a choice in how we are perceived. Vocal Awareness provides tangible measurable and practical tools for claiming your Voice and your power. It enhances your confidence, range, presence, pitch, stamina and storytelling. More importantly it teaches you how to make your inner Voice and your outer voice congruent.

A few specific benefits of private coaching include:

  • Individualized training plans designed specifically for you.
  • Personalized vocal exercises for sessions and home practice.
  • Focused attention on your specific concerns, questions and vocal challenges.
Private session with studio singer

Private session with studio singer

Sessions are always results driven. You will:

  • Develop a more compelling speaking voice, with greater range and presence.
  • Increase your awareness of and confidence in your Self.
  • Learn how to more effectively tell story.
  • Choose how you want to be known.
  • Enhance your communication in every context.

In Vocal Awareness we learn that context does not have to determine outcome. We do have a choice in how we show up and in how we sound. We can eliminate the “verbal white noise” of “ums,” “uhs” and “you knows” endemic to our culture from our own personal communication style.

Private session releasing “jaw tension.”

Private session releasing “jaw tension.”

A small group crafting Persona StatementsA small group crafting Persona Statements

In other words, unlike every other voice training program currently in existence, Vocal Awareness teaches Communication Mastery. By committing to private, consistent and targeted Vocal Awareness Coaching, you will become a more effective leader, making a greater impact in the world and feeling more confident in your Self.

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