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Reject Average – Claim Mastery

In the context of public speaking, “It is as though we are dying of thirst in the Gobi Desert. Even if the water is actually a mirage, we are going to try and drink it.” – Arthur Samuel Joseph

Vocal Awareness is not a mirage. We literally teach Communication Mastery. For over five decades Vocal Awareness has trained countless champions in all areas of life, from board chairmen to hall of famers and Olympic gold medalists. In athletics and the arts, ability is defined by the quality of preparation, the structural foundation and the consistent dedication to excellence. We teach communication from the same perspective, recognizing that for mastery to occur in any form, rituals are employed that never change: as the “at bat” (rituals) start before the player comes to the plate, “the meeting begins before you walk in the room.”

Many organizations and individuals take communication skills courses in order to better compete in today’s global marketplace. One of our clients who called himself “State School Sam” was facing his last chance at making partner. He had already tried unsuccessfully on two prior occasions, but his verbal and nonverbal communication skills had negatively impacted the result. Consequently no one believed he could learn to express himself with the gravitas and confidence of the Ivy League graduates he was competing against. Having already taken all the courses offered by his company he was running out of time. Then he found us. “State School Sam” made partner within 9 months of beginning Vocal Awareness Corporate Training. By the end of the calendar year, he had brought his company a half billion dollars in new business.

Compare the Goals of Traditional Training vs Vocal Awareness Corporate Training:

Traditional Training





Increase self-confidence

Improve your presentations

Better communication skills

Vocal Awareness Training



Strategic and Tactical

Paradigmatic Shift

Become confident in your Self

Give Powerful Performances

Transformational Game Changer

The Vocal Awareness Difference

Vocal Awareness really does teach Mastery through Communication, Empowerment through Voice. It does not segment or compartmentalize people or techniques. It is always integrative. Achieving mastery requires meticulous preparation. We teach people not just “what” to practice but how to practice. As Arthur says, “Structure does not impinge it liberates.” Part of the challenge with other more generalized types of programs is that people quickly come to believe they have learned all there is to know about speaking and giving presentations, because they have improved with a few “tips or tricks,” perhaps by slowing down, pausing or remembering to breathe. Most people do improve with a little coaching and practice, but what they do not realizes is that their improvement would have been exponential with Vocal Awareness.

We Don’t Know, What We Don’t Know

The simple reality is “we don’t know, what we don’t know,” so we settle for what is rather than striving to be more.

  • There is a difference between being told to “slow down” and learning how to “Take My Time.”
  • There is a difference between being told to “be natural” and learning how to “Be My Self.”
  • We make a clear distinction between “pausing” and creating “space.”
  • We show the difference between “taking” a breath and allowing a conscious breath.
  • We teach trademarked Vocal Awareness warm-ups that strengthen the Voice and build confidence.
  • We teach Communication Mastery.

Though subtle, these and myriad other distinctions are not trivial. It is through this understanding mastery can be achieved.

Every Interaction is a Performance

Vocal Awareness Corporate Training is exceedingly interactive. It includes strategic exercises for both voice and body language. Equally important we teach how to craft a Persona Statement/Personal Brand. This in turn helps us recognize that context does not have to determine outcome: we do not need to change ourselves in order to please our audience, instead “the same person shows up everywhere.” Unlike most corporate training, we do not simply teach how to give better presentations, though that is certainly the result. Instead each client becomes a masterful performer and storyteller, recognizing that every communication is in fact a performance because someone is watching and/or listening.

People rarely think of mastery when it comes to daily discourse, but we sure do notice when we encounter it. We live in a society where perception is reality and an opinion is created in three seconds. Vocal Awareness teaches that there is a fundamental difference between simply being a business leader and being a Leader in business. “It is not enough to present the words; we must always embody the messenger.” This is the Vocal Awareness Corporate Training difference.