Custom Designed Programs in Vocal Awareness™ and Communication Mastery

Expands and Contracts to meet you Specific Budget, Needs and Goals



Custom designed Vocal Awareness Programs are tailored specifically to you and your company’s strategic vision. After an initial consultation with you, we create a plan together which combines aspects of our most popular training options. These program elements include but are not limited to:

  • In Person Workshops and Seminars
  • Small Group Breakouts
  • Online Interactive Webinars
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Self-study Materials

We work with you in person, by phone, online and utilizing video conferencing. Custom programs can be designed for as little as a half day to as complex as a multi-year initiative.


Arthur teaching business leaders in Amsterdam

Vocal Leadership Training

Arthur teaching Listening

The purpose as always is to help you and your company thrive in every business communication, creating Conscious Awareness in every interaction to maximize each opportunity.

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