Vocal Awareness: How to Discover, Nurture, and Project Your Natural Voice (5 CD set)

Vocal Awareness: How to Discover, Nurture, and Project Your Natural Voice (5 CD set)




Your voice is your identity. It can tell people everything about who you are, how you feel about yourself, and what you believe in. Now you can gain perfect command of your voice with Vocal Awareness.

Created by Arthur Samuel Joseph, an international voice specialist, Vocal Awareness® is a complete system for mastering your voice and integrating it into your life. Your voice has the power to instantly reach out and connect with people. Vocal Awareness® is about developing this power through self-awareness – learning to consciously express yourself, easily and precisely. Over 4 decades ago, Arthur Samuel Joseph began investigating the connections between language, breath, and psychophysical response.

On Vocal Awareness®, you will work along with Arthur Samuel Joseph one on one … gain a new understanding of how your voice works … uncover its connections to your mind, body, and spirit … learn vocal exercises to explore and connect with your feelings … and dramatically enhance your vocal performance. Take charge of your voice – and your ability to express yourself – with Vocal Awareness®.

Vocal Awareness Audio Workshop Highlights: *

  • CD One: Introduction to Vocal Awareness® – Beginning the journey; the universe as vibration; Jung’s “ring of fear”; exploring the vocal mechanisms; your mission and goals statement; voice as sexuality; the “trinity” principle; voice as identity; the primary goal of Vocal Awareness®; more. *
  • CD Two; Experiencing Sound – Principles of breathing and breath controls; how to “love and let go”; discovering your natural voice; how to protect your voice; Vocal Awareness® rituals; “Yawn-Sigh” sound-making; Vocal Awareness® checklist; more. *
  • CD Three: The Vocal Awareness® Workout – Breathing exercise; the tongue release; making friends with your voice; the jaw release; the “Yawn-Sigh”; how posture affects your voice; pencil technique for improving enunciation; more.
  • * CD Four: Putting it all together – Aspects of attention; the full Vocal Awareness® checklist; paradox of transcendance; verbal persuasion; exploring your vocal persona; “Yawn-Sighs” with words; the Three Aspects; male and female vocal powers; improving your dramtic reading and public speaking; more.
  • * CD Five: Music and singing workout – Music and exercises for 10 songs.

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