Vocal Awareness Leadership Academy (Group/Company course)

Vocal Awareness Leadership Academy (Group/Company course)




(Full price of the course will be determined by total number of participants and meetings.)

The Vocal Awareness Leadership Academy is a 10 week course comprised of the greatest and most comprehensive lessons from 50 years of Vocal Awareness integrating the concepts of Communication Mastery with Leadership Mastery. It is, as we call it, A New Form of Mastery.

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The program consists of in-depth training with Arthur Joseph including:

• Communication Strategies
• Vocal & Speech Training
• Visceral Language Training
• Performance Training
• Presentation Skills
• Leadership Training
• The Leadership Interview Series
• A New Form of Mastery Digital DVD
• The Vocal Leadership hardcover book from McGraw Hill
• Over 12 hours of Videos
• Exercises
• Workbooks
• A Live Leadership Webinar Series with Arthur
• Plus over 20 hours of bonus material worth over $1000!

It encompasses the whole of Vocal Awareness, and much more.

Group courses include at least 1 in person teaching session with Arthur Joseph as well as webinar follow ups.

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