Introduction to Vocal Mastery for Leaders: May 2023

Introduction to Vocal Mastery for Leaders: May 2023


With over seven decades of combined experience from Arthur Samuel Joseph and Jennifer K. Hill, a program like this has never been offered before…

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dive deeply into the self and to achieve a level of Communication Mastery never before accessible through Arthur’s trademarked and copyrighted techniques “Vocal Awareness: Empowerment Through Voice” and MetaBizics’ distinctive perspective of harnessing metaphysical principles.

Vocal Mastery for Leaders is a completely original program not simply to serve you, but by extension to serve society. In all other forms of mastery, there is an “off switch,” in Vocal Mastery there is none.

Through the Work, you will emerge learning how to keep the switch on. In most areas of life people step in and step out, they touch mastery for a moment, this program is about going beyond the moment.


We know that you aspire to be trusted, respected and to own your power as a leader. Though you often get stopped from doing so by shutting down and pulling away from people, as well as losing sight of what will really make the difference in your success.



Course Overview: What is included in the course:

• Guidebook
• 7-week live course

The class schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Tuesday May 2nd: 9am-10am PT

Week 2: Tuesday May 9th: 9am-10am PT

Week 3: Tuesday May 16th: 9am-10am PT

Week 4: Tuesday May 23rd: 9am-10am PT

Week 5: Tuesday May 30th: 9am-10am PT

NO CLASS June 6th

Week 6: Tuesday June 13th: 9am-10am PT

Week 7: Tuesday June 20th: 9am-10am PT