Executive Speech & Communication Training

Executive Speech & Communication Training





(Full price of the course will be determined by total number of participants and meetings.)


  • Personal Branding
  • Mission and Vision Development
  • Visceral Language Techniques to Make Voice Visual
  • Vocal Exercises designed to create congruence between and Individual’s Inner and Outer Voice
  • An Awareness of Body Language and Personal Stature
  • Rituals to enhance connection to Mind/Body/Spirit
  • The 5 Pillars Guide
  • Enhance Your Personal Integrity and Responsibility

In this course Arthur Samuel Joseph will introduce you to the concept of visceral language and how to make your voice more visual when you speak. You will learn how to improve your preparation and practice time by annotating your scripts and text. This will enable you to deliver your presentations and talks with greater vocal awareness and impact.

Includes at least 1 in person teaching session with Arthur Joseph as well as webinar follow ups.

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