Are You Or Your Voice Lacking An Essential Leadership Quality?




Lead More Confidently and More Authentically In your Career, Relationships, and Community Simply by the Sound of Your Voice


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It’s As Easy As Breathing

The Leadership Academy is a 10 Week Semester Course that covers the most essential principles of Leadership through Communication Mastery using the proprietary methods of Vocal Awareness, including:

  • Vocal Awareness Warmups
  • Visceral Language Training
  • Mastery Moments
  • Performance Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Leadership Training
  • The Leadership Interview Series
  • 2 Leadership Webinars with Arthur
  • A New Form of Mastery Digital DVD
  • The Vocal Leadership Book (hardcover)
  • Exercises
  • Workbooks
  • Over 12 hours of Videos
  • Plus over 20 hours of bonus material

roger-goodell“For anyone aspiring to improve as a leader, no matter your line of work, I highly recommend Arthur Joseph’s Vocal Awareness Method for true leadership.”

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League

From the Foreword of Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes A Day to Communication Mastery (McGraw-Hill)


The World’s Foremost Authority on the Power of the Human Voice is Sharing His Vocal Secrets Publicly with Leaders Across The Globe For The First Time.

Arthur Samuel Joseph, trains the world’s top leaders in Business, Broadcasting, Politics, Sports and Entertainment.  His proprietary method cannot be found anywhere else.  It is the most personally and professionally empowering leadership training available today.


If it works for the NFL, NBA, FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC News, Hollywood legends, Hall of Fame Athletes, and Fortune 100 CEOs, it will work for you.

Voice is Power.

When You Own Your Voice, You Own Your Power.

The Vocal Awareness Leadership Academy

will support you with:

  • Career Advancement

  • Leadership

  • Presentations

  • Media Appearances

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Public Relations

  • Mindfulness

  • Mastery Techniques: Mind/Body/Spirit

  • Corporate Meetings & Conferences

  • Speech Preparation

  • Radio Interviews

  • Relationships

  • Overcoming Speech Impediments

  • ESL

  • Business Growth

  • Sales & Partnerships


I’ve been teaching Voice and Communication Mastery for over 5 decades to students from all walks of life, including some of the most famous and powerful people in the world, and in that time something amazing has happened…

These lessons have not only impacted my clients work and career growth, they have influenced them personally/professionally in ways they could never have imagined.


You see, the trademarked Vocal Awareness Method I developed and teach is not only about the science and physiology of speaking more powerfully, clearly and confidently, it is about integrating your inner Voice through your outer voice, the aspect of you that everyone sees and hears.

Have you ever recorded your voice and thought “That’s not my voice!”

Or have you ever said, “I don’t like my voice.”

It happens to everyone.


One reason is that very few people have trained their voice.

Another reason is speech is habit. We have all learned to speak but no one actually has taught us to communicate.

For example, I say to all the athletes I teach, you brought your talent to your sport, but someone has taught you to do everything you do.  However, no one has taught us how to be ourselves.

As speakers, no one has taught us how to breathe, warm up our voices, prepare a Power Point presentation, rehearse, and so much more.

I am a classical singer by training and a singer would never consider performing without first warming up their voice as a dancer or athlete would not perform or compete without stretching their body.

The point is for most of us our communication style is simply a collection of bad habits and/or unconscious behaviors.  No one has taught us how to embody Communication Mastery until now.

When you speak unconsciously people do not have the opportunity to see ‘the real you’– they only see and hear your habits instead of the person you are capable of being.

Have You Ever Called A Prospect And Sounded Nervous On The Phone?

  • Your voice may crack.

  • Your breathing may be shallow.

  • Your pitch may rise.

  • Your tongue and jaw may tense.

  • You may speak too rapidly.

  • You may swallow extensively

  • Your mouth may become dry.

  • You may mumble your words.

  • Your neck and cheeks may become red and blotchy.

  • Your body language may become stiff.


These traits and so many more behaviors impact not only the sound of your voice but how you are known.

When we speak in this disempowered way, whomever we are speaking with can lose confidence in us. In poker, revealing a negative trait is called a ‘tell’ and gives our opponent an opportunity to take advantage. It is no different in communication.


Everyone gets nervous – it is part of the human condition. But before I created this course, there was actually no way to get better at being one’s Self.

Or if your voice wavers during an important speech or interview, it can give the wrong impression.

Since ‘perception is reality’, that is how people may see you and lose trust or confidence in you.

Imagine you want to get a raise, but when you talk to your boss about it, your throat dries up, your voice shakes and you can barely get the words out.

Do you think you’ll be getting that raise? No way.

Imagine you’re speaking on the phone to the man or woman you want to date, and you get so nervous that you say something silly and your voice sounds awkward.

Even worse, imagine you’re talking to the police or you’re in court. If your voice appears overtly anxious or nervous, you may appear guilty when in fact you’re actually innocent!

Or more importantly, if you want to lead your company, organization, or community in a substantial way, it’s difficult to get people to follow you if you do not communicate well. They won’t believe that you can get the job done. Bottom line – they will not trust you.

Vocal Awareness is Applicable in Every Situation

How many great causes have lost momentum because their leaders were not good communicators?

Too many to count!

kennedy speechThis is a huge problem for many organizational leaders, CEOs, business owners, salesmen, media personalities, and even your average guy looking to get a better job.

People only judge what they can see, and most of the time, they may only be seeing some of your bad communication habits. Arthur often says, “We only want people to know what we want them to know.” Remember, perception is reality.

Fortunately, while teaching the Vocal Awareness method to students around the globe for over 50 years, I discovered the exact combination of rituals and exercises that can help anyone speak like a leader that others want to follow.

Do You Want to Know the Secret?

It’s about learning how to truly be your Self in front of other people.

That’s it.

It’s really that simple.

But of course, it goes much deeper than you can imagine.

When you are able to communicate your true Self in public at any time and to the best of your ability, it changes the way you are seen by everyone around you.

How Do You want To Be Seen?

top voices in world

Just look at these testimonials from some of the top leading actors, athletes, broadcasters, and business leaders of our generation:





Why The World’s top Business Leaders Use Vocal Awareness

When you learn to be your true Self in public, it changes everything.

The best part is, it just gets better and better with time. The more you do it, the more clear, confident, and influential you become just from the sound of your voice and the way you communicate your Self.

I’ve been training the world’s top CEOs, companies, and business leaders in these strategies for many years, and now it’s time to let the secret out.


These strategies are so powerful that major companies will hire Arthur to train with their CEOs and CFO’s before public earnings reports and annual board meetings, because after they learn to communicate in Vocal Awareness following a successful earnings calls with investors that their company’s stock will often increase noticeably and board members will respond more favorably to leadership initiatives when delivered in Vocal Awareness.

This is about much more than Voice Lessons.

This is about much more than money and success.

My personal mission is to change the world through Voice.

To change the world, we are going to need more mindful leaders in every area of our society.

Vocal Awareness teaches mindfulness. It teaches Communication Mastery. Mind/Body/Spirit integration is fundamental to all mastery. In this seminal course, you will for the first time how to embody these principals of mastery in everything you do, in everything you say.

Fortunately, we now have the tools to make anyone a conscious leader.


“After I completed the Vocal Awareness Program, I gave a talk, a kind of ten-minute showcase event with only the headlines. I knew I had little time to grab people’s interest and impress them. I used all the methods and practices that Arthur taught for preparation and delivery and people came up to me afterwards and told me I was “riveting” and that my short speech was “life-altering.” After only ten minutes! I also booked several clients, and several more speeches as a result, which was a much higher rate than normal.”


Leadership Consultant

I never knew that I needed to learn how to breathe – until I met Arthur Joseph! For a sportswriter making the transition to television, his instruction was invaluable, and not simply with breathing techniques. Arthur helped me slow down my delivery and learn how to tell stories not just with my words, but the way I said them. Beyond that, I consider him a good friend.”


American Sportswriter


Introducing: The Vocal Awareness Leadership Course

A New Form of Mastery

The Leadership Academy consists of a 10 week course with over 30 video lessons covering all aspects of your Voice, Persona, presentations, body language, exercises, warm ups, and more as it relates to being a leader in your organization, career, and relationships.

  • Understanding your voice
  • Vocal Warmups
  • Breathing Techniques/Exercises
  • The Pencil Technique
  • The Yawn-Sigh
  • Visceral Language
  • Making Voice Visual
  • Pitch Exercises
  • Finding the Hub of the Voice
  • Discovering Your Authentic Voice
  • Tongue-Pull
  • Tongue and Jaw Release
  • Stature
  • Body Language Techniques
  • Vertical Sit-ups
  • Speech Timing/Tempo
  • Seeing The Edge & Arc
  • Vocal Follow Through
  • Creating A Persona/Brand
  • Claiming your Power

It contains hours of direct teaching from Arthur himself. (Value: over $3299)

It also includes:

  • The Leadership Interview Series ($199 value)
  • A Physical Copy of Arthur’s Vocal Leadership book from McGraw Hill ($25 value)
  • The Leadership Handbook with sample exercises ($40 value)
  • The Leadership Acrostic ($10 value)
  • The Leadership Webinar Series ($399 value)
  • Plus, hours of fantastic bonus material ($299 value)

You won’t just speak like a leader.  You will be a leader.

As Arthur says “You are learning the difference between merely being a business leader and being a leader in business. It is not merely the turn of a phrase, it is a paradigm shift in how you not only speak but communicate who you are.”

Show the world your True Voice today with Vocal Awareness!

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All For ONLY $3299  3 payments of $349 or 1 payment of $997

The Vocal Awareness Leadership Course Empowers Your Voice and Life Like Nothing Else



• Learn to speak in your authentic voice, perhaps for the first timenever again will you hate the sound of the voice coming out of your mouth.

• Speak more mindfully, confidently, powerfully, and influentiallyinstantly be seen by others as a more effective leader.

• Build trust with others through every word you sayland more clients, get more sales, take more risks in your business, influence decisions by authorities, better manage high stress situations, enrich your relationships.

• Remove barriersfree yourself from bad communication habits that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential.

• Lead by examplebecome the leader that you were meant to be, live fully integrated with your purpose, and fulfill your mission in life.

Bonus Material:

As a student in our Leadership Academy, you are going to get a free year of VIP member access, plus all these additional bonuses.

Vocal Awareness Visceral Language Mockup V2

• 1 Free Year of VIP Access ($167 value)
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Arthur is not just a voice coach. Arthur is something more of a Master, or Head Chef of a five star restaurant – I didn’t seek him for my sound but more for my presence – and for assistance with my presentation in all forms of media. Working with Arthur and incorporating Vocal Awareness into my every day existence has helped me become consistently focused, committed and clear.”


Founder and CEO of


“Vocal Awareness – it’s a conscious spiritual connection between your Voice and your inner calling.”


Pro Football Hall of Famer

Vocal Awareness is the premier vocal training program in the world when it comes to finding your authentic Voice, empowering yourself through how you speak.


Imagine that you have complete control over the tone, resonance, and sound of your voice, that you are vocally aware, at all times.


Imagine that you could command the room in any circumstance.


Imagine that when you spoke, people couldn’t take their eyes off you.


  • Do you think that would improve your confidence?
  • Do you think it would improve your business and career?
  • Do you think it would improve your dating life, marriage and other important relationships?
  • Do you think that would improve your overall enjoyment of life?



Vocal Awareness Makes Even The Best Better

What if you could speak as your true Self, claiming your Voice at all times without any effort?

What if there was a proven method to enhance the sound, strength, resonance, and quality of your voice…

What if this method was used by major celebrities and movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peirce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, and dozens more of the most successful actors, singers, broadcasters and business people in the world…

VIP clients list 1

Sounds absolutely amazing, right?!


Wait, it gets better…

benefit_career_advancementVIPWhat if this method was taught to you directly by the creator himself, Arthur Samuel Joseph, who has been developing and teaching this proprietary technique for over 50 years?


What if you didn’t need ANY prior singing talent, professional speaking experience, or vocal training whatsoever?


What if you could practice this method at home in only 7 minutes a day…

The Digital Course Is Now Available!


Here are just a few of the things you’re going to learn in the Leadership Academy:

  • Stature the body language of leadership
  • Physiology of Speech the scientific basis of all vocal training
  • Subliminal Persuasion mindful communication strategies to enhance your person influence
  • The 7 Rituals the foundation of all Vocal Awareness practice
  • The 3 Aspects The 3 things you must know to enhance your vocal power
  • 7 Minutes A Day Daily Workout 7 quick exercises to prepare your mind and body to lead every single day

Plus the Most Integrative Leadership Lessons Available Today:

  • How to enable your full range of possibility.
  • Who we are is conveyed verbally and nonverbally at all times.
  • The same person shows up everywhere.
  • There is no on-off switch.
  • How do I want to be known?
  • Presenting vs. Performing.
  • Speech as an unconscious habit.
  • How to see the words in your mind’s eye.
  • Voice as the equalizer.
  • The importance of structure.
  • Champions / Leaders do it differently.
  • Someone taught you to do everything you do.
  • How breath is not only physical, but emotional.
  • Communication Mastery is THE competitive advantage.
  • Mindfulness: Mind/Body/Spirit Integration.

With the Vocal Awareness Leadership Course you too can communicate:

• More powerfully
• More effectively
• More confidently
• More effortlessly
• More integratively

Be your best in every situation:

• In Meetings
• On Phone Calls
• During Presentations
• With Clients
• With Your Team
• In Relationships

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vocal coach arthur josephThese exercises and strategies will take your leadership abilities to the next level and beyond.

They are not merely a form of leadership – they are a form of Mastery.

Vocal Awareness is in fact A New Form of Mastery.

Mastery is the highest form of “leading by example”.

When you Master your Voice, you Master your Self.

The Vocal Awareness method truly is life-changing and life-affirming.

You will not be the same person who started this program.

You will be more

You will become the embodiment of your full possibility.

That potential can change the world.

Don’t hesitate a moment longer to join your possibility.

 You’ve probably always known that you had a special voice inside of you.

You’ve probably always wondered what you would be and what you could accomplish if the richness of who you are could be communicated through your voice.

You’ve probably thought about earnestly leading others through a powerful and grand speech or an intimate conversation.

You’ve probably desired the respect of your peers and those you lead.

You probably know that this is a special moment in your life.

If you’ve read this far, you recognize the spark of something truly remarkable in these teachings.

What your intuition is telling you is very real.

 Join The Human Achievement Movement, Arthur’s Mission to Change The World Through Voice by Learning to Embody Mindful/Conscious leadership.

 The world can’t wait any longer.

Neither can you.

This offer ends soon so join us today and let’s explore your true potential.

Welcome to Vocal Leadership.

Discover Your Full Leadership Potential

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Unbeatable 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident in the power of this instruction, that we are offering our new members a 90-day money back purchase protection.  If for any reason this course is not the best and most transformational leadership training that you have ever received, you can contact us at any time to receive a full, no questions asked refund.

(The cost of the Vocal Leadership book and New Form of Mastery DVD shipped to you will be deducted from the price of the digital course for any refunds.)