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Vocal Leadership

MasterYour ability to lead and inspire others.

The Vocal Awareness®

Leadership Academy

This is a groundbreaking program in COMMUNICATION.

This program is for you if you would like to learn:

How to enhance your leadership communication, or presentation skills.
How to accelerate the trajectory of your personal and professional life.
How to learn to speak with your true, powerful, and authentic Voice.

Here’s what people are saying about Leadership Academy:

“Vocal Awareness – it’s a conscious spiritual connection between your Voice and your inner calling.”

Emmitt Smith

NFL, Pro Football Hall Of Fame

“I was able to learn an incredible amount about my voice and about how to have great impact with more pleasure and less pain.”

Tony Robbins

NYT Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker

“Vocal Awareness fits into every single part of what I do. It is always available to me.

Lucie Arnez


“Your Voice is Your Identity. When you Own Your Voice, You Own Your Power.”

” My lifelong vision has been to help all those I work with achieve their own enlightenment and attain their own empowerment. I have designed this course to help you do just that.”

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The Vocal Awareness®

Leadership Academy

Proven Techniques to Confidently Embody Your AUTHENTIC SELF and TRANSFORM how you communicate and INSPIRE others.  


Here’s What’s Included:

Lifetime Access 

Lifetime Access to the Introduction the Vocal Awareness Leadership Academy module, plus 11 training modules.

Over 60 Video Trainings

Over 60 Training Videos within the program, covering all aspects of your Voice, Persona, presentations, and body language- Including, exercises, warm ups and actionable takeaways. 

Multi-Media Exercises and Practice

Through our interactive teaching platform, you will be able to save your responses to weekly exercises and course work within the course program- allowing you to not only re-infornce what you are learning, but also enabling you to look back and review what you have learned. 

Supporting Documents

Downloadable course documents including workbooks, templates, checklists and guides to help support your commitment to the Work and your  Vocal Awareness journey.

Limited Time Bonuses

Join now and get TWO FREE One on One Lessons with Arthur!

If you purchase the Leadership Academy Online Course on or before 11/11/2022 then you will also get TWO FREE One on One Coaching Sessions with Arthur!

Each Coaching sessions will be 20 min. long and scheduled on a first come first served basis. All one on one coaching sessions will be scheduled based on availablility. Coaching Sessions will take place in 20 min intervals. Once your purchase is made you will be sent a link to scheduled your first one on one session with Arthur. 


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of over $4400!

But because my vision is to Change the World Through Voice- and I want this program to be available to anyone who is willing to commit to the Work, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in The Vocal Awareness Leadership Academy TODAY for only $997.00!