Vocal Exercises To Find Your True Voice



Stature is not simply good posture; rather it is a Conscious Choice to reflect the very essence of our being through our physical presence. When you put your Self in Stature your body naturally inhales – a recognition of claiming your Self. Stature is preparation for everything and it prepares us for Empowerment through Voice.


Seven Empowerment Rituals

In any discipline, from the arts to athletics, rituals are fundamental and required to achieve Mastery. The Vocal Awareness Method has seven critical and powerful Self-affirming rituals-all designed to shift behavior-making us consciously aware of our higher-Selves and better able to live a life of greater meaning and purpose.



The difference between having a Vision and not having one is the difference between life leading you and You Leading Your Life. In Vocal Awareness we recognize the importance of embodying your Vision as it integrates your mind/body/spirit and help you to remember your purpose for being.



Your Persona is the truth of your identity being revealed, embodied, and projected outward. Developing a Persona Statement teaches us how to choose to be who we are, and not simply settle for who we have been. Through the Persona Statement, we learn to claim our identity and thus claim our Power.


Becoming A Champion

Champions “do it differently.” They are dedicated to do whatever it takes to be their best. One of the benefits of Vocal Awareness is that it teaches you in your day-to-day life to be your best: to show up as the person you want to be all the time. Vocal Awareness makes us consciously aware of our breath, our words, our inner and outer Self.

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