Speech Impediments

Living with a speech impediment or speech disorder can be profoundly debilitating to our confidence and self image. Many people suffering from stuttering, stammering and spasmodic dysphonia seek speech therapy with a speech language pathologist who will generally focus on the biomechanics of making sound. But speech disorders are not purely biomechanical malfunctions. Individuals seeking treatment for speech impediments are typically holding a great deal of tension in their neck, tongue and jaws – all the areas that impact the way we speak. Vocal Awareness recognizes that all tension is fear-based, so we must remember to approach the treatment of speech disorders integratively, considering the whole person. Even more than others, those suffering from speech impediments who want to claim their Voices, must first claim their Power.


Vocal Awareness is just as or perhaps even more biomechanically rigorous than your typical speech therapy. Where it differs is that Vocal Awareness is always promoting the integration of mind/body/spirit. Here is a sampling of what you will learn:

  • Develop an effective breathing technique: Discover the inherent value of a Conscious Loving Breath. Use this breath to fuel your Voice and your life in every context as it will help you to eliminate all forms of speech impediment while connecting you to what you really want to say.
  • Slow down: Learn how Ritual 5: “Take My Time” will help you to stay grounded in who you truly are and provide access to a stronger Voice both inner and outer. Use this time to fully embody your story and experience your integral confidence.
  • Sustain Sound: Discover how sustaining sound as in singing will help you to alleviate common impediments such as stuttering. This will not only strengthen your voice and increase your tonal resonance, it will also be a joyful way to express yourself.
  • Improve your confidence: Learn fundamental techniques that will guide you towards Communication Mastery. By embracing your authentic Self, your rhythm, cadence and intonation will all become more natural.

JEFF EMIG Sports Broadcaster, Motocross and Supercross Champion


“The biggest benefit is that it is helping me, not only to empower my voice—the message and the messenger—but helping me see the best in myself. The stuttering, I feel, is something that will always be there and that I constantly have to put myself in Vocal Awareness to conquer, to suppress. And I can rely on the techniques that I’ve learned”

JACQUELINE AKINYI McMENAMIN Organizational Effectiveness Consultant


“The biggest benefit from my practice of Vocal Awareness is the fact that I have a choice to be conscious in my Life. When I share with others that I have a stutter, most do not believe me. When my stutter shows up – I allow it to show up because it is part of who I am – so the facade is no longer there and it is liberating.”

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