Radio Voice Over

Competition for “on air” jobs in radio as well as voice over work for audio books and commercials is fierce. In order to get noticed, you need a competitive edge that can only be gained by developing and strengthening your voice with quality training. Truly knowing who you are and then reflecting your authentic Self through your Voice is the power inherent to Vocal Awareness. Claim your Voice and your power to be noticed in your voice over demo, at on air auditions and at radio interviews.


Vocal Awareness differs from more generic voice over training by strategically guiding us to create definite protocols for achieving our goals. It will help you to get your vocal talents noticed. Here are just a few of the ways Vocal Awareness will help your career:

  • Improve the actual sound of your voice: Pitch, resonance, and modulation of tone all have an impact on our listener and can compel people to pay attention. The sound of your voice matters and helps you to tell story more effectively.
  • Gain Stamina: As an on air personality or voice over specialist your voice is your primary resource and asset. Increasing and maintaining your vocal strength, power and longevity is a career necessity.
  • Discover the power of Voice: Your authentic vocal power explodes when your inner Voice is expressed through your outer voice. Integrating your Deeper Listening with the Edge/Arc of Sound is your pathway.
  • Become more recognizable: Successful radio broadcasters and voice over artists always sound authentic, distinctive and original. Revealing the Voice that is uniquely yours will help you find your niche.

LISA LILLIEN Founder and CEO of


“I am sure if I told my audience that I had gone to a “voice coach” they would have said “You? Why would you Lisa need help with your voice – it’s loud, it’s powerful and you speak all day long – isn’t this part of your job?” Yes, the answer is yes – I didn’t seek (Vocal Awareness) for my sound but more for my presence – and for assistance with my presentation in all forms of media. Working with Arthur and incorporating Vocal Awareness into my every day existence has helped me become consistently focused, committed and clear.”

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