Public Speaking

If you are a professional public speaker you already know that your voice is your vehicle and communicating effectively is paramount to getting your message heard. But do you realize that the actual sound of your voice, its pitch and vibration also effect your audience? Many people seek out presentation skills workshops and join Toastmasters in order to become better public speakers. But to have impact, you need to be able to leverage your unique qualities and authenticity. Vocal Awareness will teach you far more than how to be a public speaker. Vocal Awareness will help you to be a Communication Master.


Vocal Awareness is a powerful method with proven strategies that will help you to become a notable Public Speaker and here’s how:

  • Be a memorable messenger: Capture your audience with context, relevance, and storytelling. Great speakers not only focus on what they say, but how they say it.
  • Make your Voice visible: Learn to see your words as you speak them. Do this by incorporating “visceral language” in your practice, rehearsal, and performance.
  • Communicate more effectively: Be strategic in your body language and use of gestures. Recognize that an opinion is created in 3 seconds, long before you actually speak.
  • Claim your greatness: All tension is fear based. Discover a method that will enable you to eliminate habitual behaviors by confidently embodying who you truly are.

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