Performance Anxiety

In recent polls, the people of the most prosperous and “developed” countries frequently report being the most unhappy. The United States especially has a booming “self-help” industry that promises to boost your self-esteem and self confidence. Yet despite all the tools available, people still search for meaning and fulfillment. Vocal Awareness is unique in the field of “self help” because we acknowledge that we cannot empower you. Our highest aim is always to teach you how to empower your Self, because it is an awareness of Self that leads to true “self confidence.”


Vocal Awareness is pragmatic and strategic. It will help you in your quest for personal empowerment and here’s how:

  • Discern your Life’s Calling: Develop your Mission Statement and learn to further support it with your Goals Statement (what you’ll do to fulfill your Mission) and your Persona Statement (who you need to be to fulfill your Mission.)
  • Leverage your 168: Learn a step-by-step approach to utilizing your time (the 168 hours in your week) to actualize your Mission.
  • Voice as a metaphor for Life: Learn to stand up and declare your Self to the world, physically, psychologically, spiritually, and of course, vocally.
  • Consciously and seamlessly integrate all of You: Achieve your performance and life goals by consistently and mindfully incorporating specific strategies to authentically embody the whole person you are.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Former professional bodybuilder, model, actor, director, businessman, and politician


“Arthur Samuel Joseph’s Vocal Awareness® techniques continue to help enhance my vocal stature. The orderly step-by-step exercises give me usable tools to repeatedly groom in voice, color, clarity, range and power.”

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