On Camera

Working “on-camera” can be exhilarating, but it can also feel stressful, stale and mechanical. Because your audience is on the other side of the lens, you can’t connect with them as you would in a live interaction. Quality broadcaster training is hard to find and most on-camera training is for actors. Whether you are a news broadcaster or a sports broadcaster, aspiring or experienced, it’s easy to get thrown off and forget that you can be the one in charge of not only the message (your segment) but the messenger (you.)


Here are some of the specific benefits Vocal Awareness will bring to your on-camera work:

  • Create your personal brand: Perception is reality. Recognize that you have a choice as to how you want to be known.
  • Tell Story: Engage your audience through your eyes, “visceral language” and ability to seamlessly weave narrative. Never simply deliver data.
  • Authentically connect: Learn to strengthen your Voice and connect more effectively with the camera and your audience by using real tools like the “hub of your Voice,” a Conscious Loving Breath and the Vocal Awareness Yawn-Sigh.
  • Eliminate the white noise: Eradicate the “ums,” “uhs,” and “you knows” that make you appear unprofessional and discover the personal Sovereignty that comes from Conscious Awareness.

ANDREA CANNING ABC News Correspondent


“I can’t thank Arthur enough for all his magical wisdom. I truly believe his guidance and exercises helped me advance in my career much quicker. He truly made me a better broadcaster.”

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