True leaders are made, not born. A man or woman becomes a leader because he or she chooses the hero’s journey, chooses not to settle, chooses to show up as the absolute best version of him/her Self. To be a confident leader requires far more than executive presence, charisma or courses in management training. Vocal Awareness provides a strategic framework for discovering who you truly are and then leading from this place of Sovereignty.


Here are some of the ways Vocal Awareness will help you to be not just a business leader, but to embody a leader in business:

  • “Hold the space” for your Self: Learn to access a safe harbor within yourself for contemplation, compassion, and integrity. By embodying the best of who we are, we raise the bar for ourselves and ennoble others.
  • Understand and demonstrate excellence: You’ve heard that – “practice makes perfect” – at Vocal Awareness we say “practice creates excellence” and precision makes for personal transformation. While we strive for excellence in our Vocal Awareness Work, we recognize that our students do need a few tools to make daily practice trouble-free, fun and forever inspirational.
  • Embody Courage and Authenticity: Develop your ability to empower your Self and others. Be Your Self, by authentically embodying who you are. Lead by example.
  • Inspire your team: Learn how to be a strong anchor for your team through your own accountability, commitment and respect.

MELANIE KITCHEN Orthopaedic Surgeon


“That shift in thinking has been the biggest accomplishment for me. That is not a typical surgeon mindset. Now I approach things based around the vision I want to create. It is that self I want to be at all times, convey at all times. My voice is my tool. Now that I recognize it, the possibilities are endless.”

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