Dating tips and relationship advice often focus on how to behave so others will like us. “Soft skills” workshops can be ineffective and vary dramatically. In contrast, Vocal Awareness acknowledges that we can never empower or “hold space” for another person. Instead, we learn how to empower and hold the space for our Selves because the way we communicate is a representation of who we are. Using Vocal Awareness’s proven strategies you will immediately see your interpersonal communication improve as a byproduct of the change you make in your relationship with your Self.


Vocal Awareness will rapidly help you shift your focus from trying to please others to simply being your authentic Self. The benefits of Vocal Awareness are many, here are just a few specifically related to relationships:

  • Discover your Inner Voice: Recognize who you are through your Persona Statement, and then learn how to integrate and embody your Self in your Being and communication.
  • Share with instead of talk to: Learn to speak and share with others, connecting more effectively.
  • Take control of how you’re perceived: Your Voice is your identity. Learn to identify and truly claim who you are, be heard, and effectively express your Self.
  • Develop Communication Mastery: Learn to pay attention to the details and master the subtleties of form. Develop the vibrational qualities of your voice, discern effective word choice, and express yourself with greater clarity and impact.

MARY TITUS Owner/Coach/Teacher-Total Life Center


“Each level of awareness brings greater honesty and integrity to both me and those I am interacting with. I have only begun this part of my journey, but I already notice that I sing more, I dance more, I create more, and I become more me.”

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