Career Advancement

Why does one person consistently advance up the career ladder while another hits a ceiling and only seems to move horizontally? In today’s competitive job market, advanced career training and presentation skills workshops may help you in the short run, but they won’t necessarily get you to your highest career goals. Similarly no amount of career coaching or executive coaching guarantees your advancement. The true secret to success is multi-layered and has everything to do with mastering the art of communication.


These are just a few of the specific benefits Vocal Awareness can provide on your way to achieving your career goals:

  • Identify who you are: Recognize the authentic “You,” and then show up as the same person in every situation. Develop your Persona, Mission, Vision, and/or Goals statements and learn how to embody them.
  • Pay attention to the details: Learn to achieve your goals by mastering the “subtleties of form.” This is an essential element in mastering your communication.
  • Be your own Champion: Develop your ability to empower your Self, by effectively allocating your resources and time, and committing to your own process.
  • Claim Your Power: Consciously integrate your mind/body/spirit and leverage Your Power.

ELLIE DRAKE Founder & CEO BraveHeart Women.


“Before I started learning Vocal Awareness from Arthur, I had no idea that I had the power to lead my voice. Instead, I used to follow it wherever it wanted to go! As I learned from Arthur, something shifted and I began to direct my voice where I wanted it to go.”

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