Sound has shape. Sound has energy. Listen to yours soar.

Voice impacts every moment of our waking life. In Vocal Awareness, we learn how to recognize and develop the richness and integrity of our Voice – both inner (the Deeper Self) and outer (how you Communicate with others), consciously, strategically – at all times.

From a more quantifiable perspective, the Vocal Awareness Method offers highly specific techniques in Vocal Presence, range, usage, depth, command, body language and expression.

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Vocal Awareness is not just a collection of effective techniques to improve your speaking and vocal skills. By being in and experiencing Vocal Awareness, you will claim your Authentic Voice.

Study with us and delve into the pillars of the Vocal Awareness Method: Stature, The 7 Rituals, Vision, Persona, Story Telling, and Becoming a Champion.

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Review the Vocal Awareness Video below and discover for your Self how Voice, and Vocal Awareness, will make a positive impact on your life.