The Power of Voice.

As the creator of the Vocal Awareness Method, I have been teaching about the Power Of Voice for over 5 decades.  This extraordinary Work that I have been privileged to shepherd all these years, teaches virtually everything there is to know about Voice. Whether one seeks to study this Method to enhance their leadership skills, or as a healing tool for themselves or others, learning Life Mastery thru the prism of Communication Mastery.

 Whatever it is you want to learn about your Self, your Voice, in Vocal Awareness it all began with SINGING.

I have an M.A. in Voice, and began my Journey as a singer, and as a singing teacher.  Whatever I teach, everything is formed thru the ‘first art.’  
When teaching singing, I will often say to a student,

“Sound is expressed emotion. When you sustain sound, as in singing, you sustain that emotion.  Singing taps into a deeper level of feeling/expression, that cannot be reached thru the spoken word.”  

A number of years ago, while a professor at the University of Southern California, teaching in the Theatre School, I had a transcendent experience when given the opportunity to teach a deaf student to sing.  Her success was truly phenomenal.  The approach I used, as she could hear virtually nothing thru her ear canals, (she had double hearing aids, and read my lips), was to help her FEEL VIBRATION to discover her authentic voice.
I share this today, because of an article I read in the LA Times last week about caring for plants entitled: Should I Sing To Them.  In the brief article, I learned there was ‘research that suggests you should.’  In a 2014 study out of a university in India, they tested 30 rose bushes for 60 days, and discovered that the roses exposed to Vedic chants outperformed the roses in the control group raised in silence.  In another study out of South Korea, an agricultural bio technologist “claimed to identify plant genes that can hear and respond to music after rice plants responded well to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”.  

So, if Voice and Music can possibly enhance plant growth, imagine what it can do for our own.

In a first singing lesson with a new student, I say, “The act of singing is natural. The art of singing is skill.”  Nursing infants often hum while nursing.  We are born singers. Continuing, I also say, “Singing is the most hedonistic thing we do.  We initially do it, simply because it feels good.”

Give your Self a chance to experience the Power of YOUR Voice.