TEDx & Vocal Awareness

TEDx & Vocal Awareness

Vocal Awareness is Empowerment Through Voice.


If you have not experienced empowerment through voice in person at a live event with Arthur, then you really haven’t experienced the full expression of Vocal Awareness.


Fortunately, we have a powerful video from an event just like that, where Arthur shared Vocal Awareness and Empowerment Through Voice with a brand new audience. 
It happened at TEDx Culver City in January of this year.


At the event over a hundred audience members were in attendance who had never experienced Vocal Awareness before. 


They were about to have their eyes and ears opened. 


Arthur began the presentation by letting the audience hear their voices as others hear them, perhaps for the first time in their lives.


He then took the audience through the full range of Vocal Awareness Rituals and watched them transform their voices in less than 20 minutes. 


It was a powerful experience.

Many of the audience members said it was one of the most powerful things they had ever been a part of. 


Being there, the energy in the room was palpable. 


Arthur did his magic.


It was transformative.



You may not have been able to attend the TEDx event, but you can do the next best thing: watch Arthur’s TEDx talk on Vocal Awareness now.


When you watch the video, put yourself in the room, and go through the rituals with Arthur to experience the change that happens in your own body and voice.


And please LIKE the video, COMMENT, and SHARE so that we can get the word out to everyone who needs to experience Vocal Awareness.


If you speak with awareness, it will transform you and the way you communicate.
You will get better and better, deeper and deeper, each time you practice. 


Enjoy the video!

-The Vocal Awareness Team


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Voice is Power!