Success Stories

“If you are searching for the power within, through Vocal Awareness, you can find the sound of your soul.” – Quincy Jones

“Thank you so much for your time with our Young Professionals. They smiled, they laughed and they found their voice. Because of you, our students now know that pitch matters, pace matters, breath is fuel, and not to present who you are but BE who you are.”

Geraldine Mpetey

Program Manager
Genesys Works New York City

“Arthur Joseph eloquently expresses the magic alchemy of the voice and provides the reader with the tools to tap into its power, thus releasing the infinite possibilities that exist within all of us.”

Peter Guber

Chairman of Mandalay Entertainment Group; co-owner Los Angeles Dodgers

“Arthur Joseph is a friend, teacher, coach, and mentor. Vocal Power is an extension of his own remarkable prowess as a master enabler. It captures Arthur’s passionate belief that Vocal Awareness can change not only a life—it can change the world.”

Michael C. Blackwell

President of Baptist Childrens Homes of North Carolina

Watch Jeff Emig’s Story

“”Ever since I can remember, I had a really bad stutter/stammer. My earliest memories of speaking were of difficulty and embarrassment. Nothing seemed to work…”

But than Jeff began his Vocal Awareness Journey…

“Working the Vocal Awareness program and working with Arthur, doesn’t just change what you say and how you say it. He is one of those individuals who helps you see the best in yourself, that maybe you don’t see because we are always our own worst critic. Arthur is there, that voice that gives you the confidence that it takes to be your best.” 
– Jeff Emig, Former Professional Motocross Champion

Celebrating Over 50 Years of Vocal Awareness

Over the course of his career in the entertainment industry, his students have ranged from Oscars winners such as Sally Field and Angelina Jolie, to enduring on-screen stars as Sylvester Stallone, Pierce Brosnan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A few of his many corporate clients have included Ernst and Young, Business Management Consultants, Deloitte and Touche, Financial Management Consultants, Lexus International, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, the NFL Network, FOX Network, and ESPN.

Client Testimonials

I first learned about Vocal Awareness through my representation at Creative Artists Agency. Arthur made an immediate impact.”

Allen Hopkins

Soccer Sportscaster


Arthur Samuel Joseph’s Vocal Awareness techniques continue to help enhance my vocal stature.”

Arnold Schwarznegger

Former Governor, Actor, Bodybuilder


The principles that Vocal Awareness teaches us, include to believe we can really live life to the fullest without apathy, without frenzy and without pretense.”

Franco Carlotto

6-time World Fitness Champion


They always say that what comes out of your mouth is who you are. Well, Arthur is going to make it mean something.”

Pat Riley

Team President – Miami Heat


The good thing about knowing someone like Arthur and having Vocal Awareness is that what he teaches fits in every single part of what I do.”

Lucie Arnaz



Arthur made an immediate impact.”

Cynthia Burnham

Leadership Consultant


There are not enough words to express my gratitude and love for Arthur as a teacher, mentor and friend and for helping me become who I was always meant to be.”

Deborah Torres Patel

Owner, Expressing You! Pte Ltd


Vocal Awareness doesn’t “change” who I am, it connects me more closely to who I am.”

Dianne Budion Devitt

Owner – The DND Group, Inc.


I want to invite everyone who is drawn to the Vocal Awareness experience in any way, shape, or form to embrace the invitation to create your own success story.”

Anne Palmer

Clarity Expert


As a professional communicator, I would highly recommend The Sound of the Soul to anyone wanting to improve his or her personal presentation skills. Arthur Joseph’s proven techniques will make your voice heard and get you where you want to go.”

Jack Canfield

Author, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur


“Vocal Awareness isn’t as much about smart communication as it is about helping you discover the YOU that you never knew existed. “

Moe Abdou

Founder 33Voices


I never understood the power of Voice and the importance of my Voice until I began my work with Arthur.”

Curtis Conway

Sports Broadcaster, NFL Wide Reciever