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Q. What in your life brought you to the realization that you wanted to improve your Voice?

A. “I started broadcasting and working on air professionally when I was in my early 20’s and I found that when I spoke, my voice would go really high. I didn’t have any control. I would run out of breath very easily and that made me want to fix it. I knew I loved broadcasting; the skill was there; the passion was there, but I needed to work on my craft – just like anything. It’s like I had the natural ability but, as Arthur says, like an athlete you still need to hone your craft and work on it before you get to the competition – before you play on the court. Honing my craft was really important to me and I got introduced to Arthur and right away, I saw the importance of working on my voice on a physical and practical level in terms of my career – and then it became something much more. I realized through Arthur that Vocal Awareness and my Voice were very much connected to who I am and my art; what I wanted to bring to the world; and the power of really embracing my Voice and who I am to the fullest, which happens through speaking, storytelling, and how I communicate with others.”

Q. Do you recall a moment when you felt a shift, or even a break-through because of your Work with Arthur and/or Vocal Awareness?

A. “It’s funny because I think it just happens all the time. Looking back, I think the first shifts or the light bulb happened when people started making comments about my voice in auditions and at shoots and they would just notice my voice and say, “I truly love your voice. There’s something really great about it.” And that’s when I knew that there was something very powerful in the Work I was doing with Arthur and that it was working in many ways. This acknowledgment, the fact that people started to take notice even though a lot of what we do comes from within, meant a lot as well.

During this first year of lessons when I met with people for the second time after I’d been working with Arthur, they noticed that change. People I used to meet with before and after would remark about how my voice was different because originally I tended to go high, up into my nose, and there was a lot that needed to be done. I wouldn’t do it when I was off camera, it was almost like I was trying to figure out who I was when the cameras were on. In fact, what I really needed to do was embrace it all on both ends and bring it together when I was off- and on-camera – and, ultimately, be OK with being me and understand what that meant.

I think also, over time, I just looked at the videos and my first reel ever and realized there’s such a drastic change in terms of how I present myself, how much lower and more controlled my voice is and how much more grounded it is – and that has everything to do with me working with Arthur and with Vocal Awareness.”

Q. What has been the biggest benefit thus far from your practice of Vocal Awareness?

A. “Vocal Awareness has become a part of who I am and of how I do what I do – my craft – a completely spiritual, other approach to what I do that I think people notice, in a subtle way (it’s so subconscious), but it makes a difference between someone who is just good at what they do and someone who is a master at what they do. It also made me realize that no matter how far along your Journey you may be, you still need to be constantly working on your Self and perfecting what you do; there’s no stopping that, and you need to embrace it, that’s a beautiful thing. Once you realize the power of who you are and of your own Voice, anything is possible. Vocal Awareness has really made me more mindful in that way. I want to be the best person I can be, and practicing Vocal Awareness and being in touch with this side of who I am allows me to be that in a clearer way than I ever was before.”

Arthur Samuel Joseph M.A., founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, today is widely-recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the human voice. A renowned teacher/mentor, Mr. Joseph’s mission is to Change the World through Voice. His trademarked, proprietary voice and leadership training program, Vocal Awareness,™ is designed to teach Communication Mastery through a disciplined regimen of highly- specific techniques designed to cultivate an embodied and enhanced leadership presence, as well as personal presence, through body language techniques, vocal warm-ups, and storytelling skills. What emerges is an integrative and integral communication style. read more