Shift Your “Center of Living.”

Throughout my life I have always taught that the integration of mind/body/spirit is fundamental to personal Mastery. To teach it, I also strive to live these same principles. There is a Hindu proverb that says:

“Be mindful of your thoughts, for your thoughts will become your words.

Be mindful of your words, for your words will become your actions. 

Be mindful of your actions, for your actions will become your character. 

Be mindful of your character, for your character will become your destiny.”

I combine this proverb with the following from Abraham Joshua Heschel, a profound contemporary Rabbinic scholar:

“What takes place in a moment of prayer may be described as a shift of the center of living—from Self-consciousness to Self-surrender. “

In this regard, three key Vocal Awareness Principles to support you on the Journey to Self fulfillment are: To never be Self-conscious, rather, to become conscious of Self.

Honor your Self by living in the integrity of what is possible, not merely settling for what is. To achieve this, one must surrender (to yield or to give back to our calling; to our vision for our Self.)

The third teaching is to create your Persona Statement, which asks you to identify how you truly want to be known. First to your Self; and by extension to everyone else. These principles become the framework enabling you to shift “your center of living,”

and to fulfill ‘your destiny’ by claiming who you truly are.