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Arthur works with many distinguished individuals and companies from around the world. See below to discover how the methods of Vocal Awareness are used in all aspects of personal life and business.

Interview with Fox News Channel

2019 NFL Season “Thank You” Video

Interview with Fox35 Good Day Xtra Orlando, FL

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Breathing Part III

For this week’s blog, I am choosing to continue the theme of the last 2 weeks—Breathing.  One of my student’s often calls me the ‘master of the obvious’, for I[…]

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In my last blog, I spoke about a spiritual ritual built around Breath/Toning/Source/Conscious Awareness which I recommended you practice each morning for one week before rising from bed. This blog[…]

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I teach Empowerment Through Voice. I close all my seminars by writing the following acrostic on a whiteboard or flip chart. VOICE is: V—victory  O—over I—inconsistent C—conscious E—energy In the[…]

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