Vocal Awareness for the Singer.

Most vocal exercises for the singer are approached like calisthenics. In Vocal Awareness, the exercises are approached like ART. Watch this video for more examples of how you can implement Vocal Awareness practices as a singer.

Perception is Reality.

Perception is reality. We must learn to be in charge of not only the message, but also the messenger. Its not only what we say, but how we say it that matters.


          How extraordinary that the events that have been unfolding since the tragic death of George Floyd and the senseless killings of so many others are unfolding as they are. How extraordinarily sad that it takes violent death to force society to listen—to change. Change is incremental; change is ponderously slow. However the inhumanity of…
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Breathing Part III

For this week’s blog, I am choosing to continue the theme of the last 2 weeks—Breathing.  One of my student’s often calls me the ‘master of the obvious’, for I will often state something that seems so ‘obvious’ once I have explained it, yet he may not have thought about it in quite the same…
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In my last blog, I spoke about a spiritual ritual built around Breath/Toning/Source/Conscious Awareness which I recommended you practice each morning for one week before rising from bed. This blog is a follow up. I begin this week’s blog to provide insight and a sense of ‘oneness’ with wisdom/tradition from multiple cultures/religions dating back thousands…
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I teach Empowerment Through Voice. I close all my seminars by writing the following acrostic on a whiteboard or flip chart. VOICE is: V—victory  O—over I—inconsistent C—conscious E—energy In the most dramatic upheaval of our time, to achieve Empowerment Through Voice is more critically important than ever before.To do so requires our commitment to not…
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COVID 19—Doing our Best in this Challenging Time To be Here for Our Self

Those of you who have been following Vocal Awareness know that my lifelong purpose  since creating Vocal Awareness over five decades ago is to teach Empowerment Through Voice—life mastery through the metaphor of Voice. Those of you who may be new to the Vocal Awareness Community—Welcome! We are certainly living in a challenging moment—a time…
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