Newsletter, May 2015

Arthur in Action.

Welcome to Arthur in Action for May!

At Synagogue recently, the Rabbi spoke about the “nobility of endurance.” Her sermon reflected many valuable insights for the congregation regarding self-discovery, sustaining one’s drive, etc.

I saw a number of parallels in what she was saying to Vocal Awareness, e.g., —a seminal principle—The Journey. As we know The Journey is not about the destination. However, what we may not know is the Journey is never outward toward accomplishment—that is the bi-product of the Work. Rather, the Journey is always and only inward toward discovery of the Deeper Self.

To live our lives nobly in as fulfilled a way as possible requires Self-reflection. Paraphrasing Henry Miller, shedding the onion with a million skins—that is our journey to Self-discovery/Self-revelation.

However, the word endurance frankly troubles me a bit. One literal interpretation of the word is ‘to make hard’. A second interpretation is a bit more compelling—‘the ability to last or withstand wear and tear’. In Vocal Awareness I do not want us to focus on ‘hard work’, rather, on working hard. In Vocal Awareness, when we ‘work hard’ to be who we are truly capable of being, the oxymoron is we do not actually work hard and it is never hard work. Rather, we Surrender—we allow; we give back, again akin to the literal root of the word Surrender. When we embrace the 2nd Ritual of Vocal Awareness—To love and let go—we actually tap into our nobility—our excellence or superior quality. Please do not misinterpret superior as better than someone else; instead, superior—committed to being our best. Integrity/integration have the same root source—wholeness. It seems to me that this is a primal essence of our personal Journeys, in full Conscious Awareness, to integrate and embody the integrity of who we are every step of the way.

In closing, I am always teaching that our Journey ‘is not for the feint of heart’.

None of us reaches any stage in life unscathed. To have the capacity to withstand whatever life presents and ultimately succeed on our terms is our goal. To live life on these terms to the best of our ability is to endure nobly.

Choosing Your Persona -Part Two


Last month we discussed the first steps to creating a Persona Statement:

Step 1. Take your time to honestly answer the following two questions:

1. How do I believe I am presently perceived?

2. How would I like to be perceived?

Now we continue with the remaining 2 steps:

Step 2. Now draw two pictures to represent each of your two Personas.

The first drawing will represent how you believe you currently are perceived. The second one will represent how you want to be perceived. You can use color or black and white, stick figures, abstract, realistic, or lifelike, simple or complex. Feel free to substitute different mediums like clay or collage. Don’t worry about your talents as an artist; these pictures are for your personal use. Allow your creative unconscious the freedom to play without judgment. You may be surprised by what you discover.

What do you observe about your two different pictures? Is one picture more dramatic, colorful, or vibrant? Did something about your pictures surprise you?

Consider what you have discovered.

Step 3. Now you are ready to write your Persona Statement.

Take your answer to Question 2 as a starting point and replace the phrase “I want to be perceived as” to “I am”. Notice if it feels appropriate to change any of the other words.

This is your new Persona Statement.

Create a visually compelling version of your new Persona Statement and post it somewhere you will see it often. Speak it out loud to yourself daily. Memorize it. Allow it to grow and change as you grow and change. Don’t just go through the motions, consciously take ownership. Come back to this exercise and do it again in a week and in a month.

How we perceive ourselves and our situation drastically affects our results and our well-being. Vocal Awareness teaches that everything in life revolves around two things: to choose to do something or to choose not to something. Choosing to write a Persona Statement and choosing to embody it will change your life. Embrace your transformation from someone who didn’t realize they had a choice into someone with infinite possibilities.

This month in our VIP Club,

Creating your Persona Statement

In our VIP club we have footage from our shoot for our recent A New Form of Mastery DVD, where Arthur sits down in a Venice, California, loft to talk with four students of Vocal Awareness about creating a Persona Statement.

[flowplayer src=’http://video.vocalawareness.com/VIPView_Persona_01.flv’ width=’640′ height=’360′ controlbar=’show’ splash=’/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/brown-cousineau-persona-01.jpg’ autoplay=’false’ splashend=show ]

Each one of these young women is engaged with creating their Persona Statement – and taking the opportunity to, as Arthur tells them, “recognize the caterpillar and the possibility of becoming the butterfly.”

Arthur listens closely and coaches them as they read their Persona Statements aloud. In the process, he shares with them – and us – his own struggles and his discovery of what he calls the “talking-yourself-into-it stage.” The setting is casual and the conversation intimate, revealing once again the power of Vocal Awareness.

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