Newsletter, March 2015

Arthur in Action.

Welcome to Arthur in Action for March!

One of the main goals of Vocal Awareness is ‘Empowerment Through Voice.’ I often say to students as they begin to study, Vocal Awareness makes a lot of sense, and we believe we understand, for example, what ‘Empowerment Through Voice’ might mean. Our voices become stronger when we practice Vocal Awareness, but it is far, far more than that; Oddly enough, I am less interested in how strong our voice sounds and more interested in how strong we feel; how confident we sound; how authentic we are.

In the 50-plus years since I created Vocal Awareness, I begin each day in the same way. It begins with spiritual preparation for the day–with prayer, meditation for about 40-45 minutes every day. This is when I spend time in what I call ‘Deeper Listening,’ the 6th Ritual of Vocal Awareness–just tuning in, refining-listening.

One of my dear students knows how much I love words and their etymologies. She recently sent me the root origin for ‘beginning’ taken from Classical Rhetoric’s Latin term ‘exordium’ which means ‘beginning a web.’Every morning I re-weave my web, my dreamcatcher–the container that holds my commitment to the Work and supports my Vision of not simply what I do, but who I am. This daily return is fundamental for me. It is part of the tradition of this Work. In this context, a relevant Vocal Awareness paradigm is ‘Structure does not impinge, it liberates.’

‘Empowerment Through Voice’ refers to a key Vocal Awareness principle—that it is not simply vocal work but life work. In this regard when the reality of my personal habits and foibles, may complicate my life, I simply return to the 6th Ritual—‘Pay Attention’ and ‘Listen Deeply.’ I allow a Conscious Loving Breath, and am once again on my path.

Earlier this morning I was working out with two dear friends—one, one of the greatest athletes on the planet; the other, one of the most extraordinary human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing and teaching. He is truly on a life path of personal Mastery. During portions of our workout, I reminded them of the 3rd Ritual of Vocal Awareness, allow a Conscious Loving Breath. When doing so, they observed that the Ritual enabled them to stretch more effectively. In my case, it also enabled me to enhance my stamina throughout a rigorous workout and release a little bit of fear and anxiety which crept in due to the pain that I was experiencing.

Before parting, I had a mini Vocal Awareness lesson with one of them and shared how to apply Stature and the 3rd Ritual myriad times throughout his business day, especially before critical meetings and strategic calls. During this brief Vocal Awareness ‘workout,’ , I refined the quality of his breathing technique and helped him recognize his impulse to rush—to react. The basic trigger which enabled him to return to the simplicity and exquisite symmetry of simply being himself was to allow a slow, silent Conscious Loving Breath. Instantly, his visage changed and his sense of Self —personal empowerment— was meaningfully enhanced.
A couple of years ago in a “Wall Street Journal” interview I said, “The meeting begins before you walk into the room.” So, I reminded my friend to allow a Conscious Loving Breath and follow this with a gentle closed-mouth hum to ground his pitch, resonance, and vocal energy, and embody himself in Stature and proceed to his meeting.

As I near the end of this brief March letter, I will return to where I began. ‘Empowerment Through Voice’ is simply, purely, and indefatigably ‘claiming’ all of whom we are capable of being to the best of our ability in Conscious Awareness–every single day. No one can empower us, only we can empower ourselves.

Ritual Six: Pay Attention/Deeper Listening

The pace of modern life often distracts us from taking the time we need for true reflection. We are often taught to hurry, meet deadlines and seek external approval. We know there is more to life but we don’t always know how to access it. We are rarely taught the power of silence – externally or internally. Please recognize the great opportunity time in solitude provides because it helps to create the quiet/internal silence you need to hear your Self. But Vocal Awareness can also be thought of as an active/vocal meditation. So whether alone or with people, Ritual Six helps us to discover the still small Voice that resides within, because through Ritual Six we pay attention on the outside while listening deeply on the inside.

Here are some suggestions for accessing your Deeper Listening:

Deeper Listening

Tai chi.

Ritual Six connects us to something greater than our “intuition.” It teaches us to find and surrender to our inner truth – what we know to be true. Ritual Six helps us to embody our persona, provides inner answers to our questions and supports our Vocal Power Workout by guiding us to self-correct.

Most importantly Ritual Six fulfills the promise of Ritual One by giving us direct access to Source, while leading us boldly into the final ritual, “Be My Self” the fundamental purpose of Vocal Awareness.

Success Story
Moe Abdou
Moe Abdou

Moe Abdou
Founder 33Voices

At 33voices.com, Moe Abdou ignites the ambitions of entrepreneurs, helps them grow as people and inspires them to build amazing businesses and live extraordinary lives. With over 23 years of leadership experience in the financial services sector, Moe has hired and coached hundreds of financial advisors who share his passion for growth and innovation.

Innovation and creativity have always been at the forefront of Moe’s credo. He’s an avid reader and scholar of the world’s business leaders. In 2001, he created a speaker’s series, First Fridays, with the vision of bringing together entrepreneurs and C-level executives for a day of inspiration, innovation and conversation with highly influential thought leaders. The structure provided a trusted forum for participants to share insights, best practices and gain perspective on critical strategic issues. The success of this forum has been the inspiration behind 33voices.com. Moe has always been interested in mastering the art of communication and with Vocal Awareness he learned that true vocal control is actually possible.

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