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As the first quarter of the calendar year closes at the end of this month, let us review our 2014 commitments to ourselves.

At the beginning of the year many of us made New Year’s resolutions. One of mine every year is to send out an annual New Year’s letter. Our resolutions are made with tremendous hope, promise, and a commitment to fulfill the vision that we have for ourselves. But, then, ‘life intervenes,’ and our visions, our dreams, our goals may dissipate and, eventually, evaporate. We sometimes lose our way or do not fulfill our promise to ourselves. So, this month is a perfect time to remind ourselves not ever to lose sight of our purpose and to take the journey one step at a time.

I write about fulfilling goals in my current book, Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes a Day to Communication Mastery:

“We often speak about ‘potential’ but in Vocal Awareness I speak about, not potential, but ‘achievement.’ The root of the word potential means power, means being able. But the root of the word achieve means bringing to a head, a thing done successfully typically by effort, courage, or skill. In other words, to achieve something is to accomplish it. That is what I want this moment to remind you to do as you continue your commitment or recommit to your Self.”

Whenever we practice the Work—showing up on our terms to the best of our ability—we manifest the ability to achieve what we seek. Our internal compass is no longer fixed on potential, but rather on doing the work it takes to achieve what we have set out to accomplish.

I also say, “To achieve—we must leap.” I fervently believe that to succeed we must have the humility to see things as they are and the audacity to make them different. In other words, accept our situation but never settle for it—always striving to be our best.

Teilhard de Chardin says it so eloquently and clearly, “Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.”

This month, recognize, remember, practice daily—collaborating in full Conscious Awareness, proceeding as if there were no limits in creating your life on your terms to the best of your ability.

Conquering your two Greatest Fears – the Key to your Success

Conquering your two Greatest Fears.

Real preparation for Public Speaking using the 7 Rituals helps to alleviate anxiety.

Many people believe that public speaking is the number one fear in the United States, more terrifying even than the fear of death. In Vocal Leadership, Arthur explains that the fear of public speaking is, in fact, a manifestation of what he considers to be the TWO true greatest fears:

  1. Fear of abandonment
  2. Fear of claiming our own greatness

One reason we fear public speaking is that we worry others will question what we say or judge us negatively—in effect disregarding or abandoning us. But by giving other people the power to decide who we are and who we should be, we actually abandon ourselves. In other words we make the abandonment complete when we internalize our perceived abandonment from others. Perhaps even more damaging, when we are in the midst of this fear of abandonment, the pull of our second greatest fear becomes stronger and we miss or avoid opportunities to step into our own greatness.

These fears manifest physically in holding of the breath, muscle tension, breathy voice, “ums” and “uhs” interrupting speech, avoiding eye-contact, speaking too quickly, not listening to others, which not only make public speaking difficult, but interfere with the ability to achieve goals in every aspect of work and life.

Communication Mastery through Vocal Awareness gives us the tools to confront these fears: to realize that we do have the power to decide who want to be in our work, our families, our communities, our lives and that we are not required to be anything more than who we already are. First we discover and develop our authentic Selves, and then, we strive to embody and communicate that identity in all aspects of our lives.

As Arthur writes, “The commitment to live life to the best of your ability on your terms, as well as to communicate integrally and masterfully at all times, not only when you are doing what you do but simply by being who you are . . . is the key to success in business—in life.”

Jon Taillon

 Jon Taillon

Jon Taillon

Jon Taillon is a principal in Deloitte Consulting. He focuses on helping improve the business of government through the use of technology. Jon is currently serving clients in the National Security community where he uses case management and process automation solutions to help the government operate and collaborate more efficiently. In his free time, Jon enjoys competing in marathons and triathlons or relaxing by the lake with his wife and two sons.

Jon began his work with Vocal Awareness in an effort to successfully navigate the path to career advancement, and in doing the Work has transformed from a person who works hard and knows how to get things done to a leader who can articulate and communicate his ideas effectively and convincingly to his peers and his team.

Read his Complete Success Story.

This month in our VIP Club,

Using our Vocal Power Workout to embody our Persona Statement
Elizabeth demonstrating a Yawn Sigh

The Vocal Awareness Vocal Power Workout is the 7-minute daily warm up that allows us to start the day in Conscious Awareness and gives us the opportunity to practice and improve our ability to communicate both message and messenger in everything we do. This month in our VIP Club webinar, we will revisit the Vocal Power Workout. Each time we review the Workout, we see what new questions and experiences club members bring from their evolving relationship to the Work and how that leads us toward new levels of Conscious Awareness and Mastery.

In January, we explored how to practice when we are ill, and what the experience of practicing Vocal Awareness during illness can teach us about our Workout technique. Last month we discussed how the Persona Statement is a “living document” that evolves as we further develop. This month we will continue last month’s exploration of Persona Statement by exploring how to use our Vocal Power Workout to further embody the Persona we have chosen and designed to best represent us.

With video technology in our webinars, club members on the call will enjoy the added value inherent in seeing Elizabeth as she guides you through the Work..

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