Newsletter, January 2015

Arthur in Action.

Each December, as the year draws to a close, Arthur spends time in contemplation, capturing and writing his thoughts about the Vocal Awareness Journey.


One of the reasons I so love being a teacher, as all teachers will tell you, is that, aside from the privilege of teaching others, I am given the opportunity to learn as well.

All that I have learned throughout the decades of my teaching practice of course always comes from my work with others. My learning and ideas do not exist in a vacuum. They emerge through my interactions with others. This became abundantly clear as I prepared for this year’s annual letter. Reviewing some of my recent writings from speaking about “the Journey,” to “The Grand Design” and “The Human Achievement Movement”, I was pleased to find them as relevant and worthwhile today as when I wrote them. They are timeless. The Work has evolved as I have; the foundation—the same.

Vocal Awareness remains a prism through which we discover and learn how to fulfill our ‘big picture’ Vision—the macrocosm of our Journey. In this Work we do so while striving to be consciously connected to the Gestalt–not simply of what we do but of who we are. In this context nothing is taken for granted–in fact, quite the opposite. In Vocal Awareness, everything is essential to our awakening conscious awareness.

I created Vocal Awareness from my synthesis of myriad disciplines and studies—from art to science, philosophy to spiritual practices, from the study of the origins of the human condition (such as Joseph Campbell speaks about) to explorations of contemporary thought (as in the writings of Malcolm Gladwell). In the hybrid reality of this multi-disciplinary work, Vocal Awareness synergistically connects multiple systems and fields of study into an elegant new model for Self-fulfillment and, as the creator of Vocal Awareness, I am acutely aware of the uniqueness of this Work and my responsibility to it. That responsibility has been, as integrally as possible, to embody the principles of Vocal Awareness. Not merely teaching the work, but living it and helping others to integrate Vocal Awareness into their personal and professional lives as well. Basically, since its inception, the underlying ethos of Vocal Awareness has been Empowerment through Voice.As I empower my Self, I in turn ennoble others to do the same.

Now to the point of this New Year’s Letter 2015: Recently, I wrote a speech with a client who was being honored for career achievement. In a concluding paragraph of that speech, I spoke about audacity and explained that audacity means: fearlessly daring, confident, intrepid, bold, courageous. I went on to say that, To achieve, we must leap. To leap, we must be audacious.

However, is it audacious to believe we can actually fulfill our possibility and turn our dreams into reality? Alternately, is it audacious to choose to live humbly, confident we are doing the best we can every day without doubt or fear? The answer is–of course it is not. It may seem that, to live life on our terms, or to be who we are, may require a heroic feat—it does not. It does, though, require one seminal Vocal Awareness principle to manifest it: We must allow. Allow means ‘to let do or happen, permit.’ The root source of the word comes from two completely different Latin verbs—one meaning ‘praise,’ the other meaning ‘place.’ In other words, to achieve we must honor ourselves and know we have the right to simply be whom we envision. We become the placeholder for our destiny.

When we allow, we are consciously aware, attuned moment-to-moment to everything—our fears, foibles, habits, aspirations. In Vocal Awareness, when we allow, we become scrupulously honest as well as extraordinarily supportive and compassionate. We recognize when our behaviors may disrupt the natural flow of our intrinsic energy and, with the tools of Vocal Awareness, now have an impeccable way to effectively change, positively impacting our present and, thus, our future.

In 2015, please discover, explore and apply this simple but profound word to the fulfillment of what you do and who you areALLOW!