Newsletter, February 2015

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Excellence and Conscious Awareness

I was reading an article over the weekend in the LA Times entitled “Meditation in Corporate America”. With my birthday in January, it actually began my 49th year of meditation since I was inducted into a specific meditative process. Some of you may know my daily rituals: prayer and meditation generally begin around 3 a.m. followed by my exercise regimen. I never miss a day of prayer or meditation. The point in part is, that this has been ritualized in not just what I do, but into who I am.

Because of the stress in our daily lives, one of the “New Strategies” in corporate America is to teach people a little bit about ‘mindfulness’. In this context Vocal Awareness is always teaching: that Vocal Awareness is a Being work- and we have to do to Be. Vocal Awareness is also always teaching Empowerment Through Voice and Conscious Awareness.

Earlier today I was teaching a significant corporate executive / entrepreneur. who, because of all that is on his plate was recently having a bit of a challenge sleeping at night. Virtually our entire lesson was focused on Stature and the first 2 rituals of Vocal Awareness: ‘Thank You to Source’ and ‘Love and Let Go’.

On two different occasions during our Skype lesson I asked him, over the course of one minute, to simply focus on ‘Love and Let Go’. The second time to simply focus on “Thank You”. Both times he was able to recognize the importance of the 3rd ritual that was woven into his ritualized minute—The 3rd Ritual, ‘Allow a Conscious Loving Breath’.

Let me suggest to you as a February goal. Take one minute before going to sleep at night, and one minute when arising in the morning, to focus on embodying Rituals 1, 2 and/or 3. Thanking Source, Loving and Letting Go and Conscious Loving Breath. The next step would be to put a post-it on your computer, an alarm on your phone or note by your work phone, to remind you periodically to create another minute during the course of your work day.

Vocal Awareness/Communication Mastery is not simply a technique you utilize in a meditative moment, rather something that you embody at all times.

I want you to take a look at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference for the Superbowl. (It can be found here on the NFL Network.) The key focus of our preparation was to Allow a Conscious Loving Breath, See Periods, and Conscious Awareness. The goal of the Work was to help this extraordinary man embody who he is, not merely what he does.

As many of you have heard me say before, Commissioner Goodell is one of the most integral human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. I use the word integral very specifically here. As a reminder the root of the word integrity and integration is wholeness. Commissioner Goodell exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a striving for wholeness at all times.

As I close I wish for all of you the same passion, the same commitment to excellence. The Vocal Awareness method provides us the opportunity to live in Communication Mastery, and to embody the passion, joy and excellence of who you are.

Practicing Ritual One

Ritual One: Thank You to My SourceThe Seven Rituals are essential to the practice of Vocal Awareness. After embodying ourselves in “Stature”which is a preparation for everything we do and a reminder of who we are, Ritual One: “Thank You to My Source” is the next critical step on the Vocal Awareness Journey. Everything begins with Source. Everything is connected to Source. Everything flows through Source. Vibrationally/Energetically Source is the reservoir from which all things originate. Whether we are conscious of it or not, Source is the foundational principal integrating mind/body/spirit, what Arthur calls the “Trinity” of Vocal Awareness. Your “Ritual One” Moment of Surrender When we say “Thank You to My Source,” our bodies inhale. As with the practice of Stature and Ritual Two: “Love and Let Go”, this instinctive breath is the body’s way of saying, “thank you for giving me permission to be me”, and we breathe in acknowledgement. With this action, we open a doorway to claiming our Higher Self. Here is an outline for your practice of Ritual One. Use this outline as a starting point and evolve your own process over times you find more personal ways to incorporate Ritual One into your life. Surrendering, as Arthur often says, means to yield or give back. The entire Ritual may take less than a minute, but the exquisite moment of personal Solitude extends far beyond. 1.) While Sitting, standing or even lying down, simply say the phrase, “Thank You to My Source.” As you do so, please encourage yourself to stay very present – focused and and alert. 2.) As in all Vocal Awareness Rituals and exercises never rush – never simply be mechanical or “go through the motions.” 3.) As you say “Thank You to My Source” notice that your body inhales. 4.) Each time you experience this Ritual, remember to take the time to consciously release tongue and jaw tension, neck and shoulder tension; to the best of your ability, be in the stillness of the moment. 5.) As your body breathes and releases tension, your mind will also clear. 6.) Observe and enjoy the increased stillness both within and around you. Vocal Awareness Private Lesson As we consciously repeat Ritual One: “Thank You to My Source,” beginning first thing in the morning, and then repeating it whenever you truly need to be who you are, a transformative change actually occurs. We no longer fear that which we had previously feared the most – Claiming Our Power and Embodying Our Greatness. We embrace our relationship with Source and are emboldened by it. In this empowered state, all things are possible.

Success Story

Curtis Conway

Curtis Conway

Curtis Conway
Broadcaster and former Professional Football Player

Curtis Conway was quarterback in his senior year of high school in California and named an All-American athlete. He continued his football success at the University of Southern California, where he studied Public Administration, and from there embarked on an NFL career as a wide receiver. From the gridiron Curtis went to the broadcast booth as a sportscaster on national NFL radio. He discovered Vocal Awareness when he went to Arthur for vocal coaching. After working with Arthur and realizing the value of his authentic Voice, he continues to gain confidence in his speaking voice and greater access to his Self.

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