Newsletter December 2014

Welcome to Arthur in Action for December. In last month’s letter I spoke about giving thanks. This month, I simply want to speak about giving.

For tens of millions of people around the world, this is clearly one of the most celebratory seasons of the year. We give gifts to family and friends. We come together to celebrate in our various traditions.

The focus of this brief article is about not just giving to others, rather giving a gift to ourselves— the gift of awareness. While reading this, simply pause for a moment please and allow yourself to be in Stature. In Vocal Awareness, the action step is to ‘feel a thread continuously pull from the top of your head’. It is always extending; it is helping you elevate physically/emotionally/spiritually. This fundamental act of ‘giving’ over time changes not just what we do but who we are. It gives us the opportunity to claim a higher state of Conscious Awareness. It gives us the opportunity to more fully embody our possibility.

Now with this new awareness, please put your Self in Stature one more time and notice your body’s first impulse is to inhale. This is the ‘breath of life’. This simple, but frankly profound moment, is an opportunity hundreds of times a day, to integrate higher spiritual consciousness in the very essence of who we are. As practitioners of Vocal Awareness know, the root of the word spirit, ‘spiritus’ means to breathe.

Each time we put ourselves in Stature, we ‘give ourselves’ the opportunity to live in mind/body/spirit awareness. What greater gift is there!

Let December be the catalyst for giving your Self the opportunity to more fully be your Self. When you do so, you also give the gift of ennobling others.

Use Vocal Awareness to Address Performance Anxiety

Performance AnxietyPerformance anxiety, also known as “stage fright” affects millions of people, even those who don’t see themselves as “performers.” Anyone who has experienced the physical and emotional symptoms of a panic attack or anxiety attack knows how debilitating they can be both personally and professionally. The shortness of breath, sweat, clammy hands and nervous twitching, are also symptoms of performance anxiety and can occur prior to a business meeting, cold call, or actual theatrical performance. Vocal Awareness recognizes that every communication is in fact a performance, because someone is watching. But rather then teaching you how to “present” what you think others want, Vocal Awareness will help you to simply be your authentic Self and by your own unconditional acceptance of your true nature, any anxiety you may have felt in the past will dissipate.


The tools Vocal Awareness utilizes to combat Performance Anxiety are pragmatic and purposeful. These are just a few of the ways Vocal Awareness can help:

  • Claim Your Power: Release yourself from fears, and discover your authentic Self by shifting life-long habits and unconscious behaviors.
  • Develop your Persona: Recognize that you have a choice in terms of how you are perceived. Design your personal Persona Statement in order to reveal your Self to the world.
  • Develop Mastery and Conscious Awareness: Make paying attention to the details and subtleties a goal of your practice and performance. Confidence comes in part from the self-assurance that you are meticulously prepared.
  • Be in Stature: Stature is not simply good posture; rather it is a Conscious Choice to reflect the very essence of our being through our physical presence. Use the recognition that you are extraordinary to claim your greatness and let go of chronic fear.

Success Story

Cynthia Burnham.

Cynthia Burnham.

Cynthia Burnham, Leadership Consultant - Ideas Take Flight, Author, The Charisma Edge.

Cynthia Burnham is a native Californian who found her way to leadership training and personal coaching on Wall Street via a degree in Creative Studies (creative writing in French with a minor in Paleolithic Anthropology!) and an MBA. But her path to Vocal Awareness began with one key realization: that she wanted to sing.

The practice and benefits of Vocal Awareness are, in many ways, a perfect blend for Cynthia: it has helped her realize great joy in her singing as well as achieve her personal mission of enabling people to look, act and feel like true and authentic leaders. Vocal Awareness integrates mind/body/spirit, and Cynthia’s Journey is a great example of how it transforms your life.

Now back in California, Cynthia has begun the Journey to Vocal Awareness Certification, continues to experience professional success – helping people’s “ideas take flight!” as she says – and singing music of all kinds. Read Cynthia’s complete Success Story here.

This month in our VIP Club,

Recommit to your Daily Vocal Power Workout


Following up last month’s webinar with Arthur about incorporating Vocal Awareness into your daily life, Elizabeth is leading this month’s webinar on the Vocal Power Workout – a vital part of incorporating Vocal Awareness into your daily life. The Vocal Awareness Vocal Power Workout is the 7-minute daily warm up that allows us to start the day in Conscious Awareness and gives us the opportunity to practice and improve our ability to communicate both message and messenger in everything we do.

Each time we review the Workout, we see what new questions and experiences club members bring from their evolving relationship to the Work and how that leads us toward new levels of Conscious Awareness and mastery.

Our monthly VIP Club Webinar is your opportunity to engage with Arthur and Elizabeth in real time. As always, this call will be truly interactive. Be prepared to participate:

  • Execute a yawn-sigh
  • Discover which aspects of the Workout need your focus at this time
  • Ask questions about your process

With video, club members on the call will enjoy the added value inherent in seeing Elizabeth as she guides you through the Work.

Not a member? Join our Voice Is Power (VIP) Club today.