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Arthur in Action.

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Voice: A Personal Expression – Part 2

Welcome back to “Arthur in Action”! This month we will continue the conversation I began in July with why I was compelled to create Vocal Awareness and continue the conversation about what Vocal Awareness is. Last month, I concluded with this thought: Voice is our common communication currency.

We all have to speak. The point of Vocal Awareness is to teach us how to do it to the best of our abilities on our terms. For decades my mission has been: To help all those I work with to achieve their own enlightenment and enjoy their own empowerment. Vocal Awareness is the method I have created to help each and everyone of us fulfill that possibility. Simply stated, the Vocal Awareness method is the how of learning to access/integrate/implement what is referred to as the Deeper Self in Conscious Awareness—everywhere. I say to every organization I teach at, to every individual I teach—the Vocal Awareness mantra is: It is never simply what we say but how we say it that matters. It is no longer acceptable to merely convey the message but, equally importantly, to embody the messenger.

In Vocal Awareness it’s called the KISS approach: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Continuing this theme, to learn Vocal Awareness is not complicated but it is complex, just as life is. Life need not be complicated, it is we who make it so. However, life is complex. The point that I am making here and the point of this article is that, whether it is in Voice or life, our opportunity and responsibility is to claim to the best of our abilities who we are, live integrally as well as communicate integrally from that perspective.

We do not need permission to claim our power and to communicate to the best of our ability from that sovereign perspective. If you think about it, who are we actually going to ask permission of? And, in seeking permission, do we not implicitly abdicate our innate responsibility and opportunity, ultimately, giving our power away to others. In this context, it is important to stop a moment to understand this. When I state Voice is Power, I do not mean to imply nor want you to infer that I simply want you to be loud, inappropriately aggressive, or disrespectful. While mindful of not being disrespectful or harmful to others—we must Be who we are to the best of our ability. Please truly understand: It is your intrinsic right to Be Your Self.

A number of years ago I had one of the more profound experiences of my life when I met the late, great rabbinic scholar, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.I was privileged to have dinner at his home oneSaturdaynight. Prior to dinner, he took me into his study to ‘study me.’He’d heard of my Work and me.He went on to say he was “studying my energy.” Frankly, he was evaluating me and studying the integration of mind/body/spirit, not merely in what I said, but in how I embodied these principles.He was gratified by what he experienced from me, for at the conclusion of our private time together, Rabbi became even more personally magnanimous, engaging me as a kindred spirit/friend and concluded our time with a generous hug. He even insisted on driving me back to my hotel.He then said something to me that would change my view of my life and Work forever: “Evil is so entrenched in the universe, it cannot be confronted head-on, but only in the vibratory plane.”I had not had this understanding that evil had penetrated the universe. To hear this expressed so directly by such a significant, intellectually rigorous, thought and religious leader, helped to codify an even fuller understanding of my own Work—that our energy, our vibration connects not just on this plane but in multiple dimensions.

Now, connecting this profound experience to another years earlier while teaching a weekend seminar in Minneapolis: Early Sunday morning on the third day of the seminar, a gasp was heard from the back of the room. I stopped my teaching to ask the individual if she was all right, and she said yes. Later that day the student and her husband were driving me to the airport and she explained what had happened. She told me that she had the ability to see auras and had been reading my energy all weekend. In that moment her realization was that she had never experienced an individual who remained at such a consistently high vibratory level, no matter what they were speaking about, what they were doing, or who they were interacting with. Further, she went on to explain that her spontaneous gasp was an instinctive recognition that yes, here it is. She had known consistent embodied energy was a possibility but had never personally experienced it before. Part of the point is that I wasn’t presenting Arthur. I wasn’t doing anything different. To the best of my ability I was Being my Self in full Conscious Awareness, as I always strive to do. Clearly, embodying the 6th Ritual of the Work: Pay Attention/Deeper Listening.

This is the purpose of the Work: To deliberately align our energy to support us in fulfilling our possibility. We don’t live in a vacuum. What we say and how we say it energetically impacts everyone, every conversation, every moment–every day. As I say on page 173 of my latest book, Vocal Leadership: 7 Minutes-a-Day to Communication Mastery: [Recognize that you are] like the rock that, when thrown into the pond doesn’t merely make a splash and then sink to the bottom. Instead that splash, large or small, sends concentric rings across the pond impacting everything they come in contact with. Voice is energy. When we effectively and definitively align that energy in support of our vision—our purpose, we can make the world a better place because we are here. That is my goal. What is yours? Continuing the quotation on page 173: …just as the rings energetically extend across the surface of the pond, you, too, have the opportunity to make an impact. It is inevitable. Seize it! If one person can make a difference, imagine what millions together can do.

Please take time over the coming month to reflect on my July Arthur in Action when I spoke of the inspiration provided by the luminous careers and artistry of B.B. King, Coleman Hawkins, and Twyla Tharp as they each described their Journey to find their artistic expression–their Voices. Please take time to practice the 7 Vocal Awareness Rituals, your 7 Minutes-a-Day routine, to discover and experience the truth that Voice is vibration–Voice is energy. Make it personal– make it yours. When you do so, you too will find yourself on the Vocal Awareness Journey toward personal sovereignty, discovery and embodiment of your Deeper Self. As you choose to do so, I would welcome your participation in the global movement I have created–The Human Achievement Movement.

The Seven Rituals

Seven-Rituals of Vocal Method

Vocal Awareness teaches us how to be “champions” in our own lives. Just like world class athletes all have rituals that help them to focus their “game,” Vocal Awareness teaches that we must have rituals to help us focus “our game” to support us in achieving Life Mastery. The 7 Vocal Awareness Rituals are the foundation for our daily practice and are uniquely designed to integrate mind/body/spirit.

Knowing Rituals is one thing, but putting them into action is quite another. The 7 Rituals are designed to be conscientiously practiced in your daily Vocal Power Workout. As you learn to embody them in your practice sessions you will build new muscle memory and neuro pathways. The goal is to live in the Work, not relegate the Rituals only to your practice time, but instead employ them in all aspects of your life whether personal or professional. Equally important the 7 Rituals help you to create a safe harbor within, enabling you to better communicate with your Self.

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Arthur and April Brown

Arthur puts the 7 Rituals into action this month with April Brown, an executive assistant and aspiring singer. Using a song from Finian’s Rainbow called How are Things in Glocca Mora (music by Burton Lane and lyrics by E.Y. Harburg who also wrote the lyrics to Somewhere Over the Rainbow) as the context, Arthur leads April through each of the 7 Rituals. During this exploration, April discovers how sustaining sound as in singing while using Vocal Awareness helps us to tap into our deepest, predominantly nonverbal, emotions.

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