Newsletter, April 2015

Arthur in Action.

Welcome to Arthur in Action for March!

For those who follow these monthly letters on a regular basis, you know there is always a theme. I, in part, strive to relate to what may be significant in the month as well as elaborate on particular Vocal Awareness teachings. This month my focus is ‘spring’—rebirth as reflected in seasonal change and the celebration of two significant religious/spiritual holidays for both Judaism and Christianity—Passover and Easter.
Let’s begin with Spring. No matter how brutal this recent winter has been for millions, we know that April brings a change—not only a change of season but new blooms in the garden. This image reminds me of a whitewater rafting trip I took many years ago. There was a point, as we navigated a bend in the river, where our guide asked us to slow our paddling and then pause a moment. This created an unforeseen opportunity to study an enormous granite boulder off to my right. To this day I cannot forget the startling image of a branch growing out of the top of this huge rock. As it grew, it had not simply wrapped itself around the boulder, but over hundreds of years, had grown through the middle of the boulder, eventually cracking it open seeking light. In Vocal Awareness we are always seeking light—our own light—clarity/fulfillment of our vision/our purpose and striving to do whatever it takes to fulfill this mandate. As many of you know, I begin pre-dawn every day in solitude for 45 minutes reflecting, sometimes writing, but always ‘listening deeply’—seeking clarity/seeking light. I encourage you to create a solitudinal moment for your Self each day as well. It need not be as elaborate as mine. You will be amazed with the discoveries that emerge.
Another technique that I advocate to help create the clarity we need to achieve our Vision is journaling. One example begins with your Vision Statement—identifying the contribution you want to make on your Journey. Mine is to change the world through Voice. However, when I first began teaching over 50 years ago, all I knew was that I loved singing and teaching but was unclear about the bigger picture. Through reading, learning, journaling, came my discovery of the 6th Ritual of Vocal Awareness—Pay Attention/Deeper Listening. What ultimately emerged was an understanding of a profound calling that has been the due north of my life—Vocal Awareness.
In tandem with the above technique and emerging at the same time is an important Vocal Awareness principle—our Persona Statement—identifying how we want to be known, first to ourselves and then by others. This discovery enabled me to respectfully acknowledge who I truly am and manifest the courage, discipline and fortitude it took to embody my Persona—my true essence and my Vision.
Now what does all this have to do with Passover and Easter? Both holidays celebrate a renaissance— ‘a new season’ in our lives—a rebirth both in nature and in spirit. The discoveries revealed from your Vision and Persona Statements will help you fulfill your promise.
Just like planting and tending a garden, when you journal and create a few minutes of personal solitude each day, clarity/light emerges— a rebirth is possible.

Choosing Your Persona -Part one


Everybody we meet, in any walk of life, projects a persona. Most of the time, it is simply a collection of ideas, characteristics, and habits that have evolved consciously or unconsciously over time. Whether they reflect us positively or negatively, we and the people who observe us usually assume these habits are who we actually are. This is the traditional habit of being us.

In Vocal Awareness, our Persona is something we choose – mapped out through a Persona Statement. It signals our taking charge of how we are perceived – how we want to be known – first by ourselves, and then by others. In creating a powerful, integrated Persona Statement, we also discover that context does not determine outcome. No more “multiple personalities” to juggle depending on whether we are at work, at home, or at play. Through designing and claiming our Vocal Awareness Persona, the same Self shines through in every environment. In other words the same person shows up everywhere.

There are multiple steps to creating a Persona Statement (covered in-depth in our VIP Club training as well as in our A New Form of Mastery DVD & Companion Guide). The first two steps are explained here: Remember, in this process as well as in life, we are the perceivers as well as the perceived.

Step 1. Take your time to honestly answer the following two questions:

1. How do I believe I am presently perceived?

Consider the question from many perspectives. Write down your first impressions from each of the perspective of your friends, family, co-workers, strangers, acquaintances and other important people/groups in your life:

2. How would I like to be perceived?

Keep in mind that this is your intrinsic identity, not just your identity at work or in your social life. This is how you want to be known by everybody – all the time.
Now write a first draft of your new persona statement. (Please use complete sentences, even a paragraph, not a list of bulleted points). Include positive concepts only. Below are a few examples, and of course, you will create your own unique statement.

“I want to be perceived as a spectacular performing artist who bravely tackles important subjects, using my emotional depth and understanding to elicit compassion and a shift in perspective.”

“I want to be perceived as secure, successful, and confident—a strong leader.”

“I want to be perceived as warm and approachable, an inspiring and courageous teacher, who empowers people to live extraordinary lives.”

events-certification-the-bridge Identifying how we are perceived and how we want to be perceived are the first steps on the Journey to create your Persona Statement. The way we think or feel about ourselves and our actions directly affects how we relate and reveal ourselves to the world.

This month in our VIP Club,

Incorporating Vocal Awareness in your daily life

Arthur is leading the webinar on Deeper Listening and incorporating Vocal Awareness into your daily life.


Each time we have a webinar we see new questions and experiences that club members bring from their evolving relationship to the Work and how that leads us toward new levels of Conscious Awareness and mastery.

Our quarterly VIP Club Webinar is your opportunity to engage with Arthur in real time. As always, this call will be truly interactive. Be prepared to participate:

  • Execute a yawn-sigh
  • Discover which aspects of the Workout need your focus at this time
  • Ask questions about your process

With video, club members on the call will enjoy the added value inherent in seeing Arthur as he guides you through the Work.

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