New Year’s Letter 2019: Passing the Torch

This year’s annual letter is different than any I have written before. With my 73rd birthday this January, it begins my 54th year since I created Vocal Awareness. Clearly, this is a significant time in my life and as I prepare for the next leg of my Journey, I have been thinking about the power of Vocal Awareness—my life’s Work and my legacy.

Vocal Awareness is truly valuable and there is substantial evidence of this over myriad decades—certainly, there are the high profile relationships and the career opportunities over the years which I am very proud of…

Celebrities such as Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Albert Finney, Angelina Jolie, Anne Bancroft, Lucie Arnaz, Marsha Mason and so many others.
Film and theatre from being the Vocal Director in the original movie, “Annie,” as well as teaching the original “Annie” on Broadway, Andrea McCardle plus numerous Broadway productions.

The privilege of teaching elite athletes from 20 students in the Pro Football Hall of Fame to basketball legends Kareem Abdul Jabaar and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson.

Broadcasters galore from beginners to seasoned professionals, including consultancies with virtually every major network. 

  • Speech writing collaboration—helping my clients share their stories with the world.
  • Olympic Gold Medalists, Super MotoCross Hall of Famers, and other athletes.
  • Consultancies with Fortune 100 companies including working with many CEOs, CFOs, etc.
  • Being chosen “Best of the Best” as a resource for YPO (Young President’s Association)
  • Teaching around the world from the National Theatre in Vienna to voice conferences in London, Strasbourg and Tokyo to the AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association) conferences in Hong Kong.
  • Consulting for Luxury Brands from the Ritz-Carlton properties around the world to the Loews Regency in New York.
  • Inspiring global thought leaders from Tony Robbins to Steven Covey.

However, no less important than the headlines above is the honor I have had to share Vocal Awareness with so many other students including:

  • a Holocaust survivor to help her gain the ability to share her story;
  • a client struggling with spasmodic dysphonia who discovered his singing voice, which helped heal his communication challenge; 
  • the incredible joy of teaching the deaf to sing;
  • creating a Holiday Choir on Skid Row, and leading Holiday songs on the 50-yard line at RAMS football games.

Most recently I received one of the most poignant letters I had ever read from a student who has studied with me for many years. She had been struggling with a chronic illness but medical tests could not help her feel better. She remembered me telling her that “the only way out is through—and the only way through this is—‘on the breath’…

She wrote, “I needed to get connected to my Vocal Awareness breath and the Rituals until I passed through it… I sequestered myself… and committed to my breathing practice… it surprised me that I never grew tired and stopped—rather, the breathing protected me from the pain. Finally… it was all over, completely gone and I knew I had turned a corner—with Vocal Awareness supporting me mind/body/spirit all the way through.”                  

I have never shared these stories before or spoken of my legacy in this way; frankly, it feels a bit self-serving, but that is not the intent. The intent is to simply provide a glimpse of the breadth and depth of Vocal Awareness. When I look back at how my artistic and creative life began when I was two and my Dear Mother took me to see the seminal film “The Red Shoes,” (yes, I actually remember that) to when I was four and she dragged me into an accordion studio with her hand on my wrist as I didn’t want to be there; however, the moment the accordion was placed on me, I knew that music would be my life.

We all have our origin story. These are the beginnings of mine but as for all of us, my Journey also has been fraught with challenges too numerous to mention. One of the most insidious was having no self-confidence or self-esteem as I was growing up even into my early 20s. Two things saved my life—meeting my beautiful bride of almost 50 years and Vocal Awareness.

Both have made me a far better human being than I would have been. Rebecca’s belief in me helped me believe in my Self and Vocal Awareness became the scaffold on which I erected the Work.

Why am I sharing all of this? Because, it is time to venture outside my Self and seek the help of others who want to learn how to use the Work to inspire, teach and lead others as Vocal Awareness applies across the board from self-help and personal mastery to the arts and leadership training.

I am truly humbled to have created this transformational Work.  Through the new online Certification Program just created, there is for the first time a Training Model that can take Vocal Awareness out of my studio and into the global community. It supplements my books and other online offerings.

With the creation of this certification course, for the first time, there is now a genuine opportunity to not only invite others to learn about Vocal Awareness, but to provide the requisite skills to ultimately teach. It is designed to take you from initial discovery and a fundamental understanding, all the way to Communication Mastery. For decades my Vision has been “To change the world through Voice.”

This IS my legacy time. My Mission has always been to help all those I work with to achieve their own enlightenment and enjoy their own empowerment. It is time for me to pass the torch.

Have a glorious New Year!

-Arthur Samuel Joseph

P.S.  You may be asking yourself, who is Arthur passing the torch to?

You will help us answer that question in the coming days.  

This is the big moment.

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