Passionate and Integral Story Telling From Visionary – Maverick Carter

Maverick Carter, the childhood friend of LeBron James and his business manager for LeBron’s business empire, was asked to do the keynote for 2019 commencement ceremony at the Annenberg school for Communication and Journalism at USC.   

He asked me to train him for the most important speech of his life to date.

The entire speech was delivered in Visceral Language, with annotation on the teleprompter, and Conscious Awareness.  

As I always teach, “a champion does it differently”. 

Maverick is a true champion. 

Remember the word “Champion” literally means dazzlingly skilled in any field. Maverick did the Work, which led to a resounding standing ovation at the end of his student address. 

Not only did the audience sit in rapt attention, applauding and laughing throughout the speech, but so did the faculty on stage. 

This was the first time Maverick had read from a teleprompter and read prepared remarks.  Stunning.