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Q. What in your life brought you to the realization that you wanted to improve your Voice?

A. I always knew that my voice harbored the expression of my inner Self, my inner power. Although born in Long Island, NY, I was separated from my family at the age of 4 1/2. Three of my siblings and I were shuttled off to a home for children in Staten Island, where I was partly raised by the Sisters of St Joseph. The prevailing directive there was “You don’t speak unless you are spoken to”.

There were stone grottos of various sizes strewn around the grounds where I would sit and meditate (though I didn’t know what I was doing at the time). These were mostly left alone by children and used for the sisters to occasionally visit. I found solace in the peace and tranquility I felt there. It wasn’t long before I started to communicate with these surroundings. I began to speak and as my voice reverberated off the stone acoustics I felt wonderful. Soon I started singing as well. I began to receive some clear understandings of things that puzzled me. At that age it was basic communication, but, it was clear and had a great impact on me.

It was also in this home for children that I knew I wanted to be a nurse. My sisters and brothers became children of all cultures and socioeconomic conditions. Some were placed there due to very difficult circumstances. I decided I wanted to put a Band-Aid on all the ‘owies’ in the world.

As I grew, there was a time in my teens that I didn’t like my voice. It was too deep for a female and I was often mistaken for a male. Yet I yearned to be expressive and learned to play guitar and would sing with my brothers and sisters and at those times I knew I had a strong and expressive voice. Although I wanted to act and sing professionally I was discouraged by trying to sing soprano, when I was a deep contralto. I gave up my dreams of a career in entertainment and went back to my original career choice and studied nursing. I had an uncanny ability to relate to my patients using my voice’s tone and inflection. I also helped many heal faster by entertaining them. I was beginning to put Band-Aids on, but I didn’t quite feel I was being all I could. No matter what I did, the ‘owies’ continued.

When I returned to college to pursue further degrees I discovered I could speak fairly well and hold an audience. Any and all opportunities to get in front of a group of people made me feel more alive. I learned to use my voice to connect with people on many levels but I wanted more from myself. I wanted to find other ways to ease the pain of others and to help them move forward. On my journey I studied energy healing, hypnosis, NLP, massage, holistic therapies of all kinds, and other methods of self improvement, stress management and personal empowerment. I became certified to teach most of the modalities I studied. This enabled me to speak to more groups and to teach. As I gained experience, there were still times when I knew I was a bit weaker in my voice, or when I couldn’t quite hit the high notes when singing I knew I wanted to improve my voice, but didn’t – until I met Arthur. In December 2010, I was assisting at a conference on Living your Passions in San Diego and gave a short talk which was received very well. Several attendees thought I was a trained professional speaker and one of the main speakers at the event. A woman approached me and started talking to me about my voice and asked me what it was I really wanted to do. When I told her of my passions in speaking and singing, she invited me to a weekend seminar that would feature Arthur Joseph, who I had not heard of until that moment. She warned me that this would be transformational and very powerful. That is when I was introduced to Arthur and Vocal Awareness. As I watched Arthur interact with the attendees, many who had been working with him for some time, I noticed (always the observer) how lovingly and with great integrity he was able to get the attendees to bring out their true voice, and when they did it was very empowering for all in attendance.

I attended 2 more weekends in San Diego, and signed up for the Level I Certification. I watched Arthur very intently, I practiced the Rituals, and I knew that I wanted to bring this method of empowerment to my coaching clients. I also knew this was a way to achieve my own mastery in teaching, speaking, and perhaps even singing.

Q. Do you recall a moment when you felt a shift, or even a break-through, because of your Work with Arthur and/or Vocal Awareness?

A. I am considered by many to be a social and extroverted person, but I am very introverted in how I process and learn. I am sure this stems partly from my time sitting in the grottos from the age of 5 to 13. I have read Arthurs books, listened to his CDs, and attended his classes. I observe his energy and methods. I do the Rituals and always know when I have a shift. There is an actual visceral feeling that occurs along with a knowing. This is followed by a smile on my face and a “Thank You” toward source. My energy changes, just a bit. But what occurs from this is what is truly beautiful. There is more honesty in what I bring to myself and in what I bring to others. My presence in every conversation and class I conduct is richer, more meaningful, and more me. There have been several such shifts, but there have been two significant shifts since I started working with Arthur and Vocal Awareness. I need to say that I am not always aware of what is said or observed that triggers this, but it happens. It’s more energetic than physical. It occurs from doing the rituals and truly paying attention to the deeper listening. The first time was during the Level I Certification course in 2011. The second time and more powerful, was during the Bridge Program in the spring of 2012. It starts with a knowing that I have gone through to another level of ability and insight. I can sense the higher connection and awareness of what I am saying and how I am saying it. It is a deeper layer of integrity of being. It is a deeper layer in bringing the best of me forward knowing this will enable me to help others to do the same.

Q. What has been the biggest benefit thus far from your practice of Vocal Awareness?

A. My goal is to teach Vocal Awareness for personal empowerment, speaking, and singing. At this point I take the VA training and Rituals with me to every class I teach, to every client I work with, and in my everyday life. It is a beautiful journey of discovery and empowerment.

I continue to evolve and improve every day. Each level of awareness brings another part of me to being present in this world, for me and for all those I come in contact with. Each level of awareness brings greater honesty and integrity to both me and those I am interacting with. I have only begun this part of my journey, but I already notice that I sing more, I dance more, I create more, and I become more me.

Arthur Samuel Joseph M.A., founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, today is widely-recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the human voice. A renowned teacher/mentor, Mr. Joseph’s mission is to Change the World through Voice. His trademarked, proprietary voice and leadership training program, Vocal Awareness,™ is designed to teach Communication Mastery through a disciplined regimen of highly- specific techniques designed to cultivate an embodied and enhanced leadership presence, as well as personal presence, through body language techniques, vocal warm-ups, and storytelling skills. What emerges is an integrative and integral communication style. read more