LIVE Training with Arthur in NYC Nov 17

A Day on Expression with Arthur Joseph and Dianne Devitt in New York

Hosted by MEET SOHO

This Vocal Awareness Executive Speaking Workshop is a practical, in person guided workshop comprised of the greatest and most comprehensive lessons from 50 years of Vocal Awareness speech and vocal training which integrates the concepts of Communication Mastery with Leadership Mastery. This course can be taken by beginners as well as advanced students, and will give practical tips, exercises, and strategies for claiming your Vocal Power and communicating in your authentic Voice. It is especially targeted for those executives, high level personnel, sales people, and senior management who give keynote speeches, address boards, and other leaders who regularly give Power Point presentations, media interviews, and public appearances.


NOVEMBER 17, 2017


  • Vocal Leadership book
  • 1 Year VIP Online Membership
  • Digital Handbooks
  • Digital Video Series
  • Digital New Form of Mastery DVD
  • 7 Rituals Booklet
  • Exercise Handbook
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Free webinar training follow up to the event

A partial list of goals, objectives, and techniques for this live workshop include:

Vocal Technique – Designed to help one discover their authentic voice. Additionally, exercises created to strengthen one’s voice, enhance resonance, instill confidence, and create new more effective communication habits.

Find the hub of one’s Voice – The core sound, the most effective pitch in any given moment.

Communication Skills – Presentation/performance tools for all situations from one-on-one to small or large groups, sales presentations, service interactions, board meetings, teleconferencing, road shows, quarterly teleconferences, media presentations (all forms from print to internet to radio/television).

White Noise – Solutions for eliminating “ums, uhs, I think, I mean, you know.”

Body Language –Stature, eye contact, walking into the room, the handshake, the impact of tension/fear/anxiety on body language and how to eradicate it. As Arthur says, “the body speaks.”

Persona Statement – A technique designed to identify personal brand— how one wants to be known in all contexts, personal and professional.

Leadership Presence – Teaches the difference between being a business leader and embodying a leader in business.

Storytelling – The distinction between merely conveying data and artfully communicating the message. Vocal Awareness axiom – It is not just the message, but the messenger that is critical.

Visceral Language – Participants learn how to “Make Voice Visual” by annotating text in Vocal Awareness and delivering their words with conscious intention.

Perception is Reality – An opinion is created in three seconds. One never gets a second chance to make a first impression. How to be in charge of how you want to be known.

Mastery is in the Subtlety – Not merely learning presentation techniques but true Communication Mastery. As in all mastery, is it not only what we do but how we do it that matters.


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