Claim Your Greatness and Courageously Embody Your Authentic Self!

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Communicate with Confidence: 

Proven Techniques to increase your Confidence, Claim Your Authentic Voice, & Be Your SelfEven When Others Are Watching.

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March 3, 2020 @ 9am PT/12pm ET

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In this Masterclass, you will learn:

How to clearly define how you want to be known and why it is important.
The Two Greatest Fears we all face and the Concept of Choice.
You only have one chance to make a first impression- How to make a lasting impact.
What you can do to finally BECOME all you are capable of BEING. 

Your Voice is Your Identity.

Wheter you’re looking to gain confidence when speaking in front of a crowd,  breakthrough sterotypes or expectations that have been placed on your, or you are just ready to elevate your SELF to excellence- 2020 can be your year for significant breakthroughs! 

You are not your behaviors. Your behaviors are simply what you do, they are not who you are. We often fail to realize how difficult it is to just be our SELF, especially  when others are watching.

While communication is mostly habit, You have a CHOICE. You decide how you want to be known- both by the world and to your deeper Self. Our Voice, is the key to claiming our Power and unlocking all that is possible in our life.

This Class is 
Must Attend if…

1. You want stop living based on someone else’s expectation of who you should be.
2. You want to gain confidence when speaking in front of others, personally or professionally.
3. You are ready to elevate your Self to GREATNESS.

A Personal Invitation From Arthur…

My lifelong vision has been to help all those I work with achieve their own enlightenment and attain their own empowerment.

As the creator of the Vocal Awareness Method, a vocal trainer and communication strategist, I have had the privilege of working with many legendary actors, singers, athletes, broadcasters and business leaders.

As we learn to see more clearly, and embody our authentic Selves, we begin to recognize the areas that scare. As we face these darker places within, we become truly accountable and the inevitability of claiming our power becomes a reality.

The development of the Persona Statement, enables us to have a choice, not simply as to how we want to be perceived but the integrity of how we choose to show up – embodying our Deeper Self and integrating it through every context, in every waking moment of our lives.

For more than five decades I have been teaching the top professionals in the world, on how to not only use their Voice in the most powerful and effective way possible, but also how to BE their SELF in the most powerful and effective way possible. Now, my friend, I invite you on that journey!