Q. What in your life brought you to the realization that you wanted to improve your Voice?

A. When I had children I really enjoyed singing and dancing with them. I noticed how I sounded when I was singing and I wanted to improve that aspect. At the same time, I also observed my discomfort when I spoke in public in front of more than handful of people. Anything larger just terrified me. People use the phrase feeling comfortable in your skin, well what I wanted was to be comfortable in my Voice.

Q. Do you recall a moment when you felt a shift, or even a break-through, because of your Work with Arthur and/or Vocal Awareness?

A. There have been many breakthroughs over the last five years as I engaged with this Work. I remember a lesson with Arthur where we worked on Allowing a Conscious Loving Breath and actually having an experience of my ribs expanding and my abdominal muscles engaging in a new way. There were also many moments in lessons where I actually had an experience of connecting with my authentic Voice whether it was through the hum or a yawn sigh, where there was a real shift in the sound of my voice. Often this came through soaring and the crescendo; I felt a vibrancy come through my body as I did it that felt powerful. So there have been many moments and of course those carry over into my personal life. I find that I am more confident and resolute in who I am as a result of these breakthroughs.

Q. What has been the biggest benefit thus far from your practice of Vocal Awareness?

A. The biggest benefit has been learning how to stay in my authentic Voice. It is learning the discipline and consistency required to forward the life I want to create. When I am in my authentic Voice there is a resonance and a confidence that I do not have when I am using my higher range or the covered voice that I have created through a lifetime of experiences. Claiming my authentic Voice is part of the grounding and Sovereignty that Arthur teaches. For me it is about consistently connecting up with each of the pieces of the Work as I participate daily, weekly, monthly in webinars, lessons, the VIP Club and Certification courses. Each opportunity further connects and advances my Journey and each one serves me, repeating courses serves me as I find they keep building, expanding and enhancing my execution and my understanding. It is like a flower which starts to bud and then gets bigger and bigger, the colors changing and becoming more vibrant while the petals expand and become fuller. I have noticed a direct translation to my life, in that I am more motivated. I see more possibilities. I am simply more inspired.

Arthur Samuel Joseph M.A., founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, today is widely-recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the human voice. A renowned teacher/mentor, Mr. Joseph’s mission is to Change the World through Voice. His trademarked, proprietary voice and leadership training program, Vocal Awareness,™ is designed to teach Communication Mastery through a disciplined regimen of highly- specific techniques designed to cultivate an embodied and enhanced leadership presence, as well as personal presence, through body language techniques, vocal warm-ups, and storytelling skills. What emerges is an integrative and integral communication style. read more