A Champion Does it Differently

NFL Hall of Fame Speeches

For many years Arthur has worked with the NFL and trained numerous NFL Champions. In the videos below, you will see legendary football players deliver their Hall of Fame speeches he helped them craft and perform. Again, each Champion’s speech is annotated in Visceral Language and they truly embody Vocal Awareness. In addition, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvincommitted to fully memorizing their speeches. They had no notes, no teleprompter.

Extraordinary Commitment. Extraodinary Dedication.

Arthur has had the privilege of teaching  myriad world-class athletes.The most recent Champion—Dwyane Wade. In this performance you will experience Dwayne impeccably deliver his retirement speech from the Miami Heat February 22, 2020.
This is an extraordinary example of the Vocal Awareness thesis, “A Champion Does It Differently.” Dwyane embodied Vocal Awareness while reading his entire speech which was annotated in Visceral Language. It was the first time Dwyane had ever delivered extended prepared remarks and read extensively from a teleprompter.