Faith and the Deeper Self

I recently closed my 2020 annual New Year’s letter with the following thought—that in Vocal Awareness, “The Journey is never outward {toward achievement of our goals}, rather always and only inward toward discovery of the Deeper Self.” The point simply being—when we live in the integrity of our possibility—our outcome is assured.

  To harness this belief system requires faith. Faith is foundational—faith in ourselves; faith that what we set out to achieve can be accomplished; faith that we can overcome our fears and doubts. One definition of faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Another is a strongly held belief or theory.

One of the trademarked philosophies of Vocal Awareness is Empowerment Through Voice. It is through accessing our vocal power that we achieve our personal sovereignty—supreme excellence or an example of it.

I was recently teaching a student who is running for City Council in her community. As we began to develop and bring out the intrinsic qualities of her voice, she interrupted and said, “I don’t know if I want it.” I asked, “What does it mean?”  Of course, I knew what she meant, but I allowed the dialogue to continue so that she could discover for herself what was truly going on. What she confirmed was that she was afraid of her own power, her own intrinsic ability to be all that she had imagined. As she began to experience the power and freedom of her voice, she was initially intimidated. However, she trusted me and allowed me to guide her further on her Journey to Vocal Empowerment. 

When we successfully completed our exercises and integrated them into her talking points, she felt liberated and empowered. After she achieved our goals, I went on to explain what had transpired. I said, “The two greatest fears that we all must confront are fear of abandonment and ownership of our power. Giving ourselves permission to claim who we are—to Be who we are is our birthright. It took courage—heart to allow me to take you to this deeply liberating, deeply personal place within your Self—thank you for allowing me to be the tour guide on your Journey.”

At the conclusion, as we read through her talking points, she recognized her pitch, resonance, vocal depth, expression, breathing…had markedly shifted, and as she read her scripted story, it sounded and felt, for the first time,  so real. She had never had this experience before. Through tears of gratefulness she said, “I feel more authentic. I sound like my Self.”

       Her achievements would not have been possible without faith—first in her own possibility and second, in Vocal Awareness. Through her inward Journey, she achieved her outward goals.