Embodying Mastery with Vocal Awareness

A note from Vocal Awareness creator, Arthur Samuel Joseph to the AAJA (Asian American Journalist Association) 2016 Conference:

As I move toward the completion of my 51st year since I created Vocal Awareness, I am focusing more of my attention on my life-long Vision: To Change the World Through Voice. The rituals and exercises I have developed throughout my life’s work help each of us find the true power of our individual voices. The underlying message is: Embodying Mastery.

Speech is habit and as I teach, we are not our behaviors. These behavioral patterns are merely what we do—not who we are. As broadcasters, it is imperative that you learn to be as authentic, compelling and integral as possible in every story—not generic. With Vocal Awareness training, we create a craft that supports and enhances not simply what we do but who we are.

The Vocal Awareness principle that enables us to learn how to risk—to be our best—is the principle of Surrender. The root of that word literally means to yield or to give back. In other words, to be in service to our calling—to being the best we can be. Understanding this will allow us and embolden us to reach across the communication abyss and discover what might be possible. In other words, surrender is not giving up, rather it is the key to unlocking the Rubik’s cube of our communication quagmire.

Vocal Awareness is a paradigm shift. It is not merely a technical vocal practice. It is that, but it is also Empowerment Through Voice.

Through Vocal Awareness and a succinct and effective 7 minute a day practice, we learn to become the best we can be through the Rituals and techniques of this unique work. Vocal Awareness is a profound journey, and as in all journeys of personal discovery, the goal is never outward toward accomplishment of external goals (that is the result) but always and only inward toward discovery of the Deeper Self.

Pragmatically speaking, we are all on a personal/professional journey for many reasons: career, leadership, our calling, personal development. No matter what your goals, Vocal Awareness is the glue that sticks everything together.
Whatever your reasons for being part of AAJA and studying Vocal Awareness, my goal is to support you in embodying mind/body/spirit—fundamental to all mastery and in this case—Communication Mastery, the ability to integrate the integrity of who we are at all times in full Conscious Awareness is the result.

In an age of increasingly digitized communication, where a generation of men and women have grown up with texting and email as your ‘primary form of speech’, communication skills are more necessary than ever.

To address the communication gap in our educational system, as well as to open up a new pathway for increasing numbers of students to become aware of the principles of Vocal Awareness/Communication Mastery, I recently developed an online course based on my proprietary techniques in Vocal Awareness.

Whether you are a brand new student looking for ways to enhance your professional presentation skills, a seasoned business leader wanting to learn leadership excellence to not merely ‘be a business leader, rather become a leader in business’, a marketer, broadcaster, on a job search and understanding that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, or a long-time Vocal Awareness student, you may have come to a moment in your life where you realize there is more for you to accomplish. With this exclusive offer to AAJA, please take the first step and sign up for your Vocal Awareness Journey.

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Through your commitment to personal excellence and the skills learned through Vocal Awareness, you will be equipped with the tools that can truly enable you to fulfill your Vision/possibility and in turn help Change the World Through Voice.

Arthur Samuel Joseph
Founder of the Vocal Awareness Institute