Columnist, Scripps Howard News Service and Founding Director


“Arthur Joseph has contributed immensely to the professional development, and personal lives, of many participants in the Asian American Journalists Association’s Executive Leadership Program. As a frequent guest speaker, he has taught Vocal Awareness techniques and principles to print and broadcast journalists across the country. I often hear how his coaching has enabled people to step up and speak with confidence, from their hearts.”

Arthur Samuel Joseph M.A., founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute, today is widely-recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the human voice. A renowned teacher/mentor, Mr. Joseph’s mission is to Change the World through Voice. His trademarked, proprietary voice and leadership training program, Vocal Awareness,™ is designed to teach Communication Mastery through a disciplined regimen of highly- specific techniques designed to cultivate an embodied and enhanced leadership presence, as well as personal presence, through body language techniques, vocal warm-ups, and storytelling skills. What emerges is an integrative and integral communication style. read more